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Useful information
How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

This solution is best if you are planning to send or receive up to 4000 SMS per day. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Video tutorial

    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Automate phone calls!

    Ozeki Phone System XE - VoIP PBX Software is an excellent tool for making automated phone calls.

    Make your IT system compatible to all forms of SMS messages

    It is possible to make your IT system to be compatible to all forms of SMS messages. You just need to use an SMS gateway software which is able to code and decode SMS messages without loss of information. If you take into consideration to build an SMS system, read this article that gives you useful information on this issue.


    There can be several benefits of using SMS communication technology in your corporate IT system. SMS messages are welcomed both in everyday and in corporate communication processes. To achieve SMS functionality you need to setup a well-working SMS gateway software. Therefore you will be able to send and receive SMS messages in your corporate IT system. With this solution you can improve the communication of your company as you can keep in touch with your employees, customers, and business partners.

    If you use SMS technology it is very important that you and the recipient get your messages in time. But it is not enough if you just receive messages. You also need to be able to read them and the phone of the recipient needs to be able to display the received messages. If you setup a communication system based on SMS sending and receiving it is inevitable to provide a well-working and reliable system to your customers and business partners. Therefore you will be competitive and effective. If your sent messages cannot be read or displayed by the recipient's mobile phone it can cause serious problems. Also if you cannot read an important order or an urgent message there is a chance to miss significant businesses.


    You can provide reliable services only if you use a reliable and well-functioning SMS gateway software. To be able to read and display messages you need to meet with the standard of SMS text messages. It is important if you want to use all the possible characters of all countries in the world. If you setup a system with the proper SMS gateway you will be able to send and receive SMS messages from and to all over the world. This function is important in companies dealing with several foreign customers or partners. With the use of a compatible software you can prevent several problems. Moreover you can open a wide range of possibilities of keeping touch with foreign partners.

    It is also important that your SMS gateway needs to be compatible with the older mobile phones. But at the same time it needs to implement solutions supported by new mobile devices. These functions makes it possible for you to keep in touch with those who keep up with the latest technology. At the same time you can also transmit SMS messages with companies who use older devices and programs. In this way with this excellent function you can easily avoid communication problems.

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is able to meet with the above mentioned requirements. It is a software product that is able to handle coding and decoding of SMS messages to make them readable. Therefore it handles the characters of the classic GSM ABC (Latin and Greek characters) and all the international characters (UNICODE). In practice it means that the software supports the traditional 7-bit GSM and the latest UCS2 SMS formats and alphabet, as well. Due to this fact you can send and receive SMS messages in all the possible languages. Furthermore, you can use any special characters in your messages.

    It is also a common problem that computers use different code pages to handle character maps. This problem can be avoid by the use of the proper SMS gateway. In Ozeki NG SMS gateway software about 60 code pages are implemented (such as dos*, windows*, iso-*, x-mac-*, x-cp*, ibm*, utf*, etc.). With this function Ozeki NG SMS Gateway solves the problems of character compliance in all the languages for the UCS2 character table used in SMS messages.

    The software is also able to handle multi-part messages in a proper way. To send and receive longer messages it is necessary to segment them into shorter parts. But after the parts are delivered the device of the recipient needs to be able to read it. To do this the parts need to be pieced together. This process is called reassembly. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is able to handle segmentation and re-assembly in a reliable way. Therefore this software can code and decode both the 8-bit reference numbers used by older mobile phones and the 16-bit reference numbers used by new devices. It needs to be mentioned that most of the SMS gateway software products on the market are able to implement only one of these functions. In case of those software applications, problems can occur such as they cannot display the parts of the message as one whole message.

    Last but not least it needs to be noted that Ozeki NG SMS Gateway supports special SMS formats. This excellent function makes it possible to send and receive op-logos, ring tones, EMS, WAP Push messages, OMA settings, notifications about voice mails and e-mails, and other binary messages and multimedia messages. This solution makes your SMS communication more diverse and effective.

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