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Useful information
How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

This solution is best if you are planning to send or receive up to 4000 SMS per day. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Video tutorial

    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
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  • Automate phone calls!

    Ozeki Phone System XE - VoIP PBX Software is an excellent tool for making automated phone calls.

    How to send SMS from Drupal 6 with Drupal Ozeki eXtend Module

    Reach more target groups than ever with the outstanding Drupal Ozeki eXtend Module! With the implementation of this module you will gain complex communication possibilities: SMS, MMS and Voice messages can be sent effectively from your Drupal site to reach the masses! Learn how to make this solution work within minutes...


    Video: Send SMS from Drupal with Drupal Ozeki eXtend Module (part 1/2, configure your modem)
    Video: Send SMS from Drupal with Drupal Ozeki eXtend Module (part 2/2, configure your system)

    How this solution works?

    Drupal Ozeki xTend Module ensures a multi messaging platform for Drupal websites. With this module SMS, MMS and even Voice messages can be sent from your Drupal website.

    In Drupal websites, the administrator can create contact groups. Administrators also have the permission to add credits to the users of the site. He can determine which user can receive credits and he can also decide how many credits will be added to each users.

    After the administrator created contact groups and users receive credits, the users are allowed to use this messaging system. Each user has a short name with which he can log into the Drupal site. This name will be used in this messaging system, as well.

    Incoming messages:

    Incoming messages are handled as follows in this messaging system:
    In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway a Database user needs to be created. If there is an incoming message in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software, Drupal will query this message from the database of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Each incoming message is queried only once.

    When you create the Database user in Ozeki NG, a database table is required called ozekimessagein. To ensure that messages are queried only once, a new column needs to be added to the ozekimessagein table of the Database user. This column will contain if Drupal has already queried the given incoming message.

    Incoming messages start with the short login name of the users (this is the name with which they can log into the Drupal site). In this way, Drupal can query the Ozeki NG database based on this login name.

    Outgoing messages

    Drupal forwards messages to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway via HTTP. Then Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sends out the message on the basis of the message type: SMS, MMS or Voice (Figure 1).

    Figure 1 - System architecture for Drupal Ozeki eXtend Module

    Configuration guide for Drupal SMS (with Extend Module)

    Before you start this configuration guide please download the following files: and

    Please note:
    At first download and install file and only then file.

    Drupal configuration for SMS messaging

    In Drupal installation, the Administrator has the permission to enable the Drupal Ozeki eXtend Module and he can determine which of the user can use this messaging platform. Log in as Admin into Drupal with your username and password (Figure 2).

    Figure 2 - User login

    In the menu click on Administer menu item (Figure 3).

    Figure 3 - Administer menu item

    Then click on Modules to enable the add-on modules in your site (Figure 4).

    Figure 4 - Modules

    Then first enable OzekiSMS Module and then OzekiSMS eXtend Module. After you have enabled these modules click on Save configuration (Figure 5).

    Figure 5 - Extended modules

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway configuration

    This solution allows you to send SMS, MMS and Voice messages from your Drupal site. In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you need to configure the following service provider connections to the various message types (Figure 6):

    1. SMPP connection for sending SMS messages

    2. MM7 connection for sending MMS messages

    3. VoIP connection for sending Voice messages

    Figure 6 - Service provider connections

    Incoming messages are received by a Database user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. For this purpose, this example uses a MySQL database.

    On the configuration panel of the Database user click on SQL prompt. Here enter the following SQL query:

    ALTER TABLE `ozekimessagein` ADD `drupal_status` INT NOT NULL ;

    Finally, click on Execute (Figure 7).

    Figure 7 - Click on Execute

    Continue Drupal configuration

    In order to set the module, click on Site configuration (Figure 8).

    Figure 8 - Site configuration

    Next you need to set the settings for SMS messaging support of your website. To do so click on Ozeki SMS Module settings (Figure 9).

    Figure 9 - Ozeki SMS Module settings

    Now you can see Ozeki SMS Module settings menu. Here enter the database name that Ozeki NG SMS Gateway uses (In this example the same database manager is used by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and Drupal). You also need to specify the Path to Drupal directory. In the Directory separator you can specify what character is used for separating directories by your OS. (Windows OS uses a left slash, Linux and Unix uses right slash). Then click on Save configuration (Figure 10).

    Figure 10 - Drupal directory

    In Credits tab you can specify how many users are allowed to use this messaging platform. You can also determine how many credits will be added to the users. In this example you can see that I add 100 credits to user Admin. Finally, click on Save(Figure 11).

    Figure 11 - Add credits to users

    Now in the main menu of Drupal click on Administer/Site building/Blocks. Here you can place SMS credits block to the side you wish it to appear in your website. Click on Save. In this example it is on the Right sidebar (Figure 12).

    Figure 12 - Right sidebar

    On Figure 13 you can see that the block appears on the right sidebar (Figure 13). This block demonstrates the actual credit number of the given user.

    Figure 13 - Credits

    Now click on Ozeki SMS. Select Contact tab and click on New (Figure 14).

    Figure 14 - Contacts

    By selecting Contact option you can specify contact details like Name and Phone Number. Finally, save the new contact. In this example the contact name is test contact and the phone number is +36201314 (Figure 15).

    Figure 15 - New contact

    On Figure 16 the created contact can be seen.

    Figure 16 - Overview

    Now click on Templates tab (Figure 17). In this way you can create templates for later messaging.

    Figure 17 - Templates

    Click on New template. Enter the Template name and the text of your message. This will be your template message. Finally click on Save template (Figure 18).

    Figure 18 - New template

    On Figure 19 you can see the created template. To load this template just clicking on Load next to it (Figure 21).

    Figure 19 - Load template

    Test SMS messages from Drupal

    How to send SMS

    Now let's see how you can send an SMS text message using this solution. In Ozeki SMS menu click on New tab and select SMS. Specify the Sender Address, the Recipient phone number and type in your message. If you wish you can also specify the date when your message is sent out in Send on Date field. Finally, click on Send message (Figure 20).

    Figure 20 - SMS sending

    After clicking on Send message, the message is forwarded to Outbox folder (Figure 21).

    Figure 21 - Outbox folder

    On Figure 24 you can see that Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sent out the message via SMPP connection (Figure 22).

    Figure 22 - SMPP connection

    How to send MMS

    For sending MMS messages select MMS option in New tab (Figure 23). Here you can specify Sender Address, Recipient phone, Subject and enter your message. To attach a picture click on Select file.

    Figure 23 - MMS sending

    Browse for the picture you wish to attach (Figure 24).

    Figure 24 - Browse for the picture

    The message is forwarded to Outbox (Figure 25).

    Figure 25 - Outbox

    Then Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sends your MMS message through MM7 connection (Figure 26).

    Figure 26 - MM7 connection

    How to send Voice

    You can also send voice messages if you click on VoIP option in New tab (Figure 29). You need to enter the Recipient phone number, specify the language code in Language field and then type in your Text to speech message. When you are ready click on Send message below (Figure 27).

    Figure 27 - VoIP sending

    Next Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has sent your message through VoIP connection (Figure 28).

    Figure 28 - VoIP connection

    If you need assistance during the setup, please contact us at

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