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Useful information
How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

This solution is best if you are planning to send or receive up to 4000 SMS per day. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Video tutorial

    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Automate phone calls!

    Ozeki Phone System XE - VoIP PBX Software is an excellent tool for making automated phone calls.

    How can SMS technology improve corporate communication?

    How can you make corporate communication more efficient to be competitive and successful on the market? Would it be great if your business could be improved through impressive communication? If you have a well-structured communication strategy you can reach more people and you can turn them into prospective customers or business partners. Find a solution on this page that is able to meet your requirements and will improve your corporate communication within and outside of your company.

    Effective communication is essential in businesses today. It is so important because it ensures the connection with customers and business partners. If you cannot reach all the people who are involved in your business (customers, partners, employees, etc) then you can miss several important matters.

    In this way you cannot call the attention of all the customers to your latest product, service, promotion... Then what is the sense of introducing anything if the target audience do not know about it? It is the same with business partners. You should notify them if you are in the media or achieve some success, etc. But how can you reach all the important people with various issues even at the same time? And how can you increase the chance that your message will be received?

    The solution

    The answer is simple and the solution is a well-known technology that becomes the fastest way of communication today that ensures high response rates. This solution is SMS technology. If you implement SMS technology into the IT system you will be able to send SMS messages from your PC to the mobile phones of people. This solution is so impressive as SMS text messages are read within minutes. People read received SMS messages regardless of the sender because this form of communication is not intrusive and it allows targeted messaging. So the recipient can be sure that the message is for him/her personally.

    How can this solution improve corporate communication?

    If you wish to improve corporate communication you need a solution that ensures efficiency both within and outside the company in communication. That is why SMS technology is the proper way to communicate with your customers, business partners or employees. If you implement SMS functionality into your corporate IT system you will be able to launch various SMS services to contacts.

    Improve communication within your company

    Before you start to concentrate on public relations first you need to ensure a seamless communication strategy in your company. In practice it means that all the staff should be available at anytime and anyplace. For example your IT staff should be available if there is a problem with the IT environment. Or helpdesk services cannot be stopped either. But how can you ensure continuous availability?

    You can achieve continuous availability by implementing SMS technology. Therefore you will be able to organize and automate several communication processes within the company. So if there is an error in the IT system, an SMS notification can be sent to the mobile phones of the IT staff. In this way they can react to the problem in real time. Find more available SMS solutions that can make corporate communication and relations more effective:

    • Send newsletters to the staff about corporate related issues to keep them well-informed
    • Send SMS reminders about important dates or events like upcoming meetings, reports, etc
    • Send SMS notifications to improve work flow, or network management, etc
    • Send SMS greetings on important occasions (promotions, season greetings, etc)
    • Launch SMS polling to get the opinion of employees
    • Send SMS coupons to employees

    SMS messaging offers a fast and reliable communication channel to make all the staff available all the time even if they are on the go. You will also be able to organize business related matters via SMS messages as you can get notification messages about all the important issues happened in the company. SMS services provides real time and accessible SMS solutions that makes your corporate communication more flexible and efficient.

    Improve corporate communication outside the company

    After you ensured an effective communication strategy in your company that allows advanced level connections among employees, you can start to build an SMS system that will satisfy the needs of customers and partners and will attract more of them to your company. SMS messaging is the simplest mean of communication and it allows non-intrusive personal connections with your customers and partners. In this way you can send bulk SMS messages to them if there is a new product/service or important news can also be sent as SMS messages. Learn more SMS services that can engage more customers and business partners with your company:

    SMS services help engage customers as you can send targeted messages to the mobile phones of people. These messages can contain specific offers for VIP customers that cannot be refused or notify business partners about the date of your next meeting. It does not matter what the message is, this functionality will ensure success and efficiency in communication.

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
    opening the download page:
    Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

    How can this solution be implemented?

    SMS technology can be implemented in your IT system if you download and install a powerful SMS software. Such a software is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that provides SMS functionality. After the installation you can start to build your SMS system that allows various SMS services. The SMS gateway forwards SMS messages either with GSM modem connection or IP SMS connection.

    Figure 1 - SMS solutions for Corporate communication

    If you have any further question please contact us at: info @

    SMS for corporate communication improvement

    Implementing an SMS system based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best option if you want to improve your corporate communication within and outside the company. This solution allows you to introduce various SMS services that will make your communication more flexible and effective. SMS messaging helps you reach wide range of people in this way you can increase the numbers of customers and business partners that will result in more revenues.

    Now visit our Product pages where you can know Ozeki NG SMS Gateway in details and you can get a free trial to test the system

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