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Useful information
How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

This solution is best if you are planning to send or receive up to 4000 SMS per day. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Video tutorial

    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Automate phone calls!

    Ozeki Phone System XE - VoIP PBX Software is an excellent tool for making automated phone calls.

    How to subscribe to SMS content in Joomla 1.5 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

    After you have read the benefits of using SMS functionality in Joomla you can gain technical information on this solution. This page provides you detailed information on how to adopt SMS solutions on your web site with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. A configuration guide will demonstrate how to download and install the "Ozeki subscribe to SMS content module" (available on this page) to be able to start SMS services on your web site. After you have installed and configured this module a form will appear on your web site in which visitors can subscribe and unsubscribe to your SMS content. Learn more about this SMS solution on this page where you can also find a requirements list and step by step setup instructions with video tutorials.

    Download: (3,8 KB)

    Video: Send SMS from Joomla (part 1/2, configure your modem)
    Video: Send SMS from Joomla (part 2/2, configure your system)

    Before you start configuration, please check Internet based SMS connections vs. GSM modem based (wireless) SMS connections page to select the most suitable connection to the mobile network.

    How to subscribe for SMS content in Joomla

    Users can subscribe to the subscription lists of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway if they send an SMS from the form on Joomla web site after they have selected "Subscribe" option on this form. You can provide this keyword during the configuration of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (see below this page). Figure 1 demonstrates this process. In the configuration guide you can learn how to install Ozeki SMS module to adopt this service.

    Figure 1 - How to subscribe to SMS content on Joomla web sites

    After users subscribed to your list they will receive a welcome message (that also can be specified during the configuration) and from this time they will automatically receive SMS contents.

    How to unsubscribe from SMS content in Joomla

    If SMS contents are not required by users any more they can easily unsubscribe from the subscription lists of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway by sending an SMS from the form on Joomla web site. They need to select "unsubscribe" option on the form and send the message. This keyword can be provided during the configuration, as well. On Figure 2 you can examine this process.

    Figure 2 - How to unsubscribe from SMS content on Joomla web sites

    Ozeki NG SMS Gateway sends SMS messages with the help of a GSM modem that is attached to the computer with a data cable or it connects directly to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet (IP SMS).

    Configuration of Joomla SMS solution

    To send SMS messages from Joomla with Ozeki SMS module please follow the steps of this installation guide and watch the video tutorial.

    Video: Send SMS from Joomla (configure your system)

    Installation steps:

    I have already downloaded the file (Ozeki subscribe to SMS content module) and I saved it to the desktop (Figure 3).

    Figure 3 - Module packed on desktop

    To be able to install the module you need to log into the Administrator Back-end of Joomla (It is supposed that Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and Joomla have already been installed on your computer. Please find the installation guide of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on this page.) (Figure 4).

    Figure 4 - Log into administrator back-end

    After login, click on "Install/Uninstall" in "Extensions" menu (Figure 5).

    Figure 5 - Install an extension

    To browse for the downloaded file click on "Browse..." in "Extensions Manager" (Figure 6).

    Figure 6 - Browse a package file

    If you have found the downloaded module, select it and click on "Open" (Figure 7).

    Figure 7 - Select package file

    Then click on "Upload file & Install" in "Extension Manager" (Figure 8).

    Figure 8 - Install module

    After you installed the module click on "Module Manager" menu item in "Extensions" menu (Figure 9).

    Figure 9 - Start module manager

    Click on "Ozeki subscribe to SMS content module" in the list to be able to edit it (Figure 10).

    Figure 10 - Click on installed module

    Now enable the module by checking "Yes" option next to "Enabled" and set its parameters:

    IP address - the IP address of the computer on which Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been installed. In our example it is ""
    HTTP server port - It is the HTTP Server Port of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. As I do not change it, it will be the default port: "9501"
    Username - I use the default "admin" user of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.
    Password I use the default password of the admin user ("abc123")
    Subscription keyword - the keyword that allows to subscribe to the SMS content (subscribe) Unsubscription keyword - the keyword that allows to unsubscribe from the SMS content (unsubscribe). Finally, click on "Save" at the top right corner of the interface (Figure 11).

    Figure 11 - Set module parameters

    Now you need to configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Log into the software with your username and password. First, add a new service provider by clicking on "Add new service provider connection" (Figure 12).

    Figure 12 - Install a service provider

    Select "Loopback connection" in the list and click on "Install" next to it (Figure 13).

    Figure 13 - Install loopback connection

    In "Loopback settings" tab check "overridable" option next to the telephone number box then click on "OK" (Figure 14).

    Figure 14 - Set phone number to overridable

    Now click on "Management" console on the top right corner of the interface to go to the Management view. Click on the "admin" (Standard) user (Figure 15).

    Figure 15 - Click on admin user

    In the configuration form of the admin user click on "Advanced" tab and check "overridable" option and click on "OK" (Figure 16).

    Figure 16 - Set admin's phone number to overridable

    Then click on "Contacts" icon in the Toolbar of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (available in the top left corner of the interface) and select "New group" (Figure 17).

    Figure 17 - Create new group

    In "General" tab you need to provide a name for the group (e.g.: joomla_subscription_group) and click on "Subscribe/unsubscribe" tab (Figure 18).

    Figure 18 - Provide a name

    In "Subscribe/unsubscribe" tab enable "Allow automatic, keyword based subscription and unsubscription" option. Then provide the subscribe and unsubscribe keywords and their response messages that will be sent to users if they enter one of the keywords (Figure 19).

    Figure 19 - Enable subscription to user group

    Now go to "Management" view again and click on "Add new route" in "Incoming" section (Figure 20).

    Figure 20 - Create a new incoming route

    Select "loopback" as "Source" and "admin" as "Destination". In this way all messages coming from loopback connection will be forwarded to the admin user (Figure 21).

    Figure 21 - Set source and destination of the route

    Then add a new outgoing route, as well, so click on "Add new route" in "Outgoing" section. Select "admin" user as "Source" and "loopback" as "Destination". Enter the following condition into "Condition 3" field:


    If the message body is "subscribe" or "unsubscribe", messages will be forwarded to "admin" user (Figure 22).

    Figure 22 - Outgoing route settings

    Now in the line of the default route you can find "Edit" option. Click on this "Edit" button and set the "Destination" to "SMPP". In this way you can ensure that no messages will be sent out through the loopback connection (Figure 23).

    Figure 23 - Default out settings

    The enabled module can be seen on the front page of Joomla Users need to enter phone number into the "Phone number" field of the form and select "Subscribe" and click on "Send SMS" to subscribe to SMS content (Figure 24).

    Figure 24 - Subscribe with a test number

    In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can see messages that have been sent for subscription (they contain "subscribe" keyword) and greeting messages can also be tracked (Figure 25).

    Figure 25 - Sent message in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

    If you click on "Contacts" in the Toolbar of Ozeki NG SMS gateway you can see users who have subscribed to the group (joomla subscription group) (Figure 26).

    Figure 26 - Subscribed user in addressbook

    To unsubscribe from the list users need to enter the phone number, select "Unsubscribe" and click on "Send SMS" (Figure 27).

    Figure 27 - Unsubscribe with a test number

    In Ozeki NG SMS Gateway if you click on "Contacts" you can see the unsubscribed users as they are placed into "joomla subscription group unsubscribers" group (Figure 28).

    Figure 28 - Unsubscribed user in addressbook

    Among sent messages in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can also find messages sent for unsubscribe from the service and response messages, as well (Figure 29).

    Figure 29 - Sent message in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

    Thank you for reading this guide!

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