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Useful information
How to send SMS with a GSM modem attached to your PC?

This solution is best if you are planning to send or receive up to 4000 SMS per day. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Video tutorial

    How to send SMS through the Internet?

    If you wish to send more then 4000 SMS per day, it is a good idea to use an Internet SMS service provider. Read more:
  • Prerequisites
  • Setup instructions
  • Automate phone calls!

    Ozeki Phone System XE - VoIP PBX Software is an excellent tool for making automated phone calls.

    What to do if you want to send SMS from Big Brother

    This configuration guide gives you step-by-step instructions for setting up your SMS system with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to be able to send SMS from Big Brother.

    Download: (1 Kb)

    Video: Send SMS from Big Brother (part 1/2, configure your modem)
    Video: Send SMS from Big Brother (part 2/2, configure your system)

    Network monitoring programs are widely used in companies to improve effectiveness and ensure the stable working of IT environment. Now with this solution you can improve the features of your network monitoring system.

    Practically, if you implement Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will be able to send SMS alerts and notifications from your IT system to mobile devices. Thus, if you integrate Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with Big Brother, reports about network errors generated by Big Brother can be sent as SMS text messages to mobile phones.

    Prerequisites for your SMS system

    As it was mentioned, for providing SMS functionality you need to install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software. Once it is installed, your system also needs to be connected to the mobile network for sending SMS messages out of your system. You can do this with Internet connection or with a wireless connection (a GSM phone/GSM modem is attached to the computer). To choose the more suitable option, you can check the following webpage: Internet based SMS connections vs. GSM modem based (wireless) SMS connections. Depending on what you select, you need the following prerequisites.

    IP SMS connection

    If you wish to connect your system to an SMS service provider over the Internet you need the follows:

    Figure 1/a - IP SMS connection parts

    In case of IP SMS connectivity, you need sign up for the service of an SMS service provider. The selected provider should be able to reach the mobile phones of your area and must support SMS services via the Internet. You can easily find such providers on the following webpage: SMPP SMS Service providers. Once you have selected a provider, you need to sign up for their service and you will get the connection parameters. You can use these parameters to configure your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software.

    GSM modem connection

    In case you do not want to connect directly over the Internet, you can still connect your system to the mobile network wirelessly. For this connection type you need a GSM modem or GSM phone that you can attach to your computer with a data cable. In this case your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software will operate this phone and will send and receive SMS messages wirelessly. To setup this connection method, you need the following components:

    Figure 1/b - GSM modem connection parts

    System overview

    After you have gathered all the prerequisites, you can build a system that operates in the following way: When Big Brother indicates an error in your system, it sends an e-mail message to the SMTP server of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway about this error. As a result, a C# script is executed in the SMS gateway software that segments the incoming message into smaller pieces and makes it available in human readable format. Finally, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards the SMS alert to given mobile phones. The SMS gateway sends SMS messages through a mobile phone (or GSM modem) attached to the computer with a data cable. In case an Internet SMS service provider account is configured in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, it can also send the message over the Internet. This process can be examined in Figure 2.

    Figure 2 - SMS messaging from Big Brother with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

    Installation guide for Big Brother SMS alert solution

    First go to C:\Program Files\Quest Software\Big Brother\BBNTD\4.20\etc. Open the following file to configure: "bbwarnsetup.cfg" (Figure 3).

    Figure 3 - "bbwarnsetup.cfg" file

    Complete the mailrelay line in the following way:


    Please note that Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been installed on my local computer and its IP address is "". Therefore the mailrelay value will be "".

    Then close and save this file (Figure 4).

    Figure 4 - Mailrelay

    Now open "bbwarnrules.cfg" file (Figure 5).

    Figure 5 - "bbwarnrules.cfg" file

    Next complete the line with:


    '+36301234567' will be the phone number of the recipient, localhost is the computer on which Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been installed. In the end there is a "pagedelay” value. With this value you can set how many minutes Big Brother should wait for sending delivery message to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. So if this value is "0", it will send delivery messages immediately (Figure 6).

    Figure 6 - Mail rule

    To make these changes come into operation the service needs to restart (Figure 7).

    Figure 7 - Restart Big brother server service

    Now you need to do some configuration in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. First, add a new service provider by clicking on "Add new service provider" (Figure 8).

    Figure 8 - Add a service provider

    Select "Loopback Connection" from the list and click on "Install" (Figure 9).

    Figure 9 - Install loopback connection

    To complete the installation of service provider, click on "OK" (Figure 10).

    Figure 10 - Finish installing loopback connection

    If it is done, click on "Management" view (Figure 11).

    Figure 11 - Management view

    Now add a new user. To do so click on "Add new user or application" (Figure 12).

    Figure 12 - Add user

    Then select "ASP" user from the list and click on "Install" next to it (Figure 13).

    Figure 13 - ASP user

    Provide a name for the user. In our example it is "big-brother", and click on "OK" (Figure 14).

    Figure 14 - Provide an application name

    To complete the installation, click on "OK" (Figure 15).

    Figure 15 - Finish user installation

    Next you need the following file: BigBrother.aspx. You can download it now: Extract and save it. In our example it is extracted to C:\Program Files\Ozeki\OzekiNG - SMS Gateway\config\big-brother (Figure 16).

    Figure 16 - BigBrother.aspx file

    Now click on "Script Setup" menu item of the installed ASP user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 17).

    Figure 17 - Script setup

    Provide a path and the name for the script file and click on "OK" (Figure 18).

    Figure 18 - Big Brother file in user

    Now click on "Management" view and on "Add new route" on outgoing route panel (Figure 19).

    Figure 19 - Add outgoing route

    Select "admin" as source user, then select the installed loopback connection as destination. In this way the messages of admin are forwarded to loopback connection (Figure 2).

    Figure 20 - Outbound setup completed

    Now click on "Add new route" on incoming route panel (Figure 21).

    Figure 21 - Add incoming route

    Select Loopback connection as source, and the installed ASP user as destination (in our example it is "big-brother") and click on "OK". Therefore, the outgoing messages of admin user will be transmitted to the incoming mail box of the ASP user (big-brother) (Figure 22).

    Figure 22 - Created inbound route

    Now you need a route, which will send the ASP user's outgoing messages to mobile phones. In our example it will be an SMPP connection. Add a new outbound route to the existing route table. Select source: big-brother. Then select destination: SMPP. Finally, click on "OK". In this way the processed message will be sent to the mobile phone (Figure 23).

    Figure 23 - Final outbound route

    The final route of an outgoing message will look like as follows in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway (Figure 24):

    Figure 24 - Final routing

    Start Big Brother. To do so, type the follows into your web-browser (Figure 25):


    Please note that Big Brother has been installed on my local computer therefore the address for Big Brother's console is "localhost".

    Figure 25 - Big Brother host

    Then open the configuration window of Big Brother's client: Start/ All programs / Quest software / Big Brother Professional Edition / Client / Configure (Figure 26).

    Figure 26 - Big Brother client

    In the appeared "Client Configuration Editor" window click on "Start Service" (Figure 27).

    Figure 27 - Big Brother configuration

    Now the monitored services will appear in the window of Big Brother. You can see that the monitored msgs service is red. It means that there are detected error messages (Figure 28).

    Figure 28 - Msgs is red

    If you click on this red icon, you will get more information about this error (Figure 29).

    Figure 29 - Error information

    If you have configured your system properly then Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has sent a notification to the given addressee (Figure 30).

    Figure 30 - Sent message

    Thank you for reading this guide about Big Brother SMS solution!

    If you wish to add SMS extension to your Big Brother software, please go to the download page to download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway >>>

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