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Sending SMS alerts from MOM 2005

Enhance the efficiency of Microsoft Operation Manager 2005 by implementing SMS technology in your corporate IT system. With SMS functionality you can send SMS alerts and notifications from the IT environment to mobile phones of the IT staff. Therefore, availability and high performance can be ensured in the IT network. To achieve this function you need an SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software that can be installed on your computer. It forwards SMS messages to the mobile network either with the help of a GSM modem or it directly connects to the SMS center of mobile service providers over the Internet. Read more...

Installation guide:
How to send SMS from MOM 2005 ( Video tutorial included)

Fields of application

As IT infrastructure of companies becomes more and more complex, it is essential to employ an application to monitor performance, identify bottlenecks and plan capacity. MOM 2005 is such a monitoring and management application. Though it still can be improved to be more efficient especially in regard to availability and fast reaction possibilities.

The solution is if you add SMS functionality to your corporate IT system to ensure availability and right speed. So SMS notifications can be sent if errors have been detected by MOM 2005 in your network. It means that SMS notifications are forwarded to mobile phones of the intended people in critical cases, for example if the processor is overheated, the HDD is full, the switch shuts down or someone tries to log in without authority. SMS technology makes it possible to receive notifications in time so damages or further harms can be prevented. In this manner you can ensure both availability and fast reaction to solve malfunctions before they affect your business processes.

To achieve these features you need to implement an SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This software product ensures SMS functionality in your corporate IT system at the highest quality. Ozeki's solution allows the administrators to fix issues before the user encounters system malfunctions. This overview gives further explanation on how to implement this solution.

Instant benefits of SMS messaging

After the installation of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you immediately notice the benefits of it. This solution makes your IT environment safer and more effective. Due to SMS messages, anyone can be informed about detected system malfunctions. So in this way both the management and the IT staff can receive notifications in real time to follow and supervise all the issues happened in the corporate IT network. Moreover, the intended person can be alerted even if he is away from the office therefore he can immediately intervene to avoid further damage. The implementation of this solution will result in valuable time and money saving for you while you gain a stable, well-functioning and effective SMS system.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
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How SMS alerts are processed

If an error occurs in the IT environment MOM 2005 detects it and generates a critical error message. This generated message will be processed by MOM 2005. Its Command Notification Channel is in direct connection with the Command Line Tool of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. With the help of this tool the generated message is forwarded to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway which processes it and sends out to mobile phones as SMS text message. Figure 1 demonstrates this process. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards messages to the mobile network either through a GSM modem that is attached to the computer or it connects directly to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet.

Figure 1 - Ozeki NG SMS Gateway solution for MOM 2005

Please note that it is recommended to start to build your SMS system with GSM modem connection as it is more secure and stable than IP SMS connection (over the Internet). If you wish to increase capacity you can attach more than one GSM modem to the computer or can still switch to IP SMS connectivity.


To send SMS notifications from MOM 2005 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you need to do the follows: First, you need to start MOM 2005 and make some configuration. Create an operator in "Administration Console" and customize it for your needs. If it is done you need to go to "Global Settings" menu item to setup MOM 2005 for sending SMS messages. Then provide values in "Command Notification Format" window. For a detailed installation guide go to Step by step setup instructions for MOM 2005 page >>>

Conclusion for MOM 2005 SMS alert solution

MOM 2005 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best way to further improve availability and speed in corporate communication. With SMS functionality you can ensure continuous availability and right reaction time for detected errors. In this way system malfunctions can be prevented or solved in right time before your customers notice troubles in your service. All in all, with this solution you can save time and money and you will gain an effective, stable and secure corporate SMS system.

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