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How implement SMS in WhatsUP Gold

If you manage your IT environment with IPSwitch's WhatsUp Gold, now there is a great possibility for you to further improve its efficiency. This solution eases the pressure occurring in IT infrastructure by adding SMS functionality to the system. It enables IPSwitch WhatsUp Gold to send SMS from the corporate IT system to mobile users about the generated reports. To adopt this solution all you need is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Learn more...

Setup instructions:
How to configure WhatsUp Gold to send and receive SMS messages ( Video tutorial included)

System overview

This SMS solution for WhatsUp Gold consists of four different stages. The first one is the WhatsUp Gold's subject of monitoring environment. If a problem occurs WhatsUp Gold notices it at once. Then it sends a notification to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway which translates it into a text message. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is responsible for sending the message as well therefore it forwards it through an IP SMS connection or through a GSM modem to the mobile user. This direct connection enables the system to be fast, secure and always in time. Please feel free to examine the system architecture diagram below (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - SMS solution for WhatsUp Gold with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

In a complex IT network the job of the system administrator can be extremely demanding. With several simultaneous reports, requests, alerts, and problems it can be really exhaustive to decide the priorities. IPSwitch's WhatsUp Gold offers an easy to use application to monitor such a diverse environment. Its high performance enables the administrator to see up to 200+ network and system applications and services. However managing this amount of information and making a decision whether what is more important is still almost impossible for one individual.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers the solution for such a demanding field. This solution enables the system administrator to send SMS from WhatsUp Gold. System reports, alerts or notifications can be configured to be sent as text message to a mobile user thus the competent person will be immediately informed. Ozeki's solution therefore shortens response time to system malfunctioning and creates an exceedingly working notification system.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

Implementation of WhatsUp Gold SMS

After you install the solution you can easily configure it in a few steps. First you need to create a new Library in the Program Action Menu. Then you have to set the Launch Program Action's parameters. Now you need to test the system to see its working. But to fully enable the solution you need to create and add a new policy which will control the SMS sending procedures. If you follow our Installation Guide you will have a swift and entirely operational SMS service integration in your WhatsUp Gold.

How to benefit from this solution

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's solution for WhatsUp Gold means being well informed in time. For a system administrator it is essential to be up-to-date otherwise an IT system could go out of control. Sending an SMS from WhatsUp Gold provides this security. By way of example the central CPU overheats, the cooling system shuts down, the network disconnects or the HDD has no space. The competent person Will be immediately informed in all of these cases. Therefore she or he can act rapidly and fix the malfunctioning. Thus the short response time decreases the possibility of having a serious system-meltdown. Therefore greater catastrophes can be avoided by prevention. This will result in lower maintenance costs and lesser resource demands.

Thus eventually a secure, flawless IT environment will result in saving time, resource and money. Ozeki's solution can provide the above mentioned hence if you are a system administrator and you are managing a diverse IT network this solution is essential for your clean work flow.

To summarize WhatsUp Gold SMS alert solution

To sum it up Ozeki's solution enables the system operator to send SMS from WhatsUp Gold on predefined events. With the aid of this solution a secure, well functioning IT environment can be achieved. In addition to that it shortens response time and lowers resource demands because the competent person is informed well in time. The solution furthermore provides the ability of prevention therefore serious system-breakdowns can be avoided. And eventually it cuts down maintenance costs and time. All in all Ozeki's solution for WhatsUp Gold to send SMS is essential for an efficient system administrator.

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