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How to setup Lotus Notes SMS

Lotus Notes is used for improving corporate communication and workflow. Now with SMS functionality provided by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can extend the functions of Lotus Notes. In this article you can read more about the integration of SMS technology in Lotus Notes.

Configuration guides:
How to add SMS functionality to Lotus Notes (Calendar) (video icon Video tutorial included)
How to add SMS functionality to Lotus Notes (Email) (video icon Video tutorial included)


Contact management is an essential part of a successful company today. It includes emails, documents, calendars, faxes, etc. If you wish to control all of these customer and partner information and interactions then you need a single application such as Lotus Notes. It provides email, calendar and CRM (Customer Relationship Management) functions among others. It can solve several organizational problems but difficulties such as getting all information at the right time, or the availability of the intended person can cause critical events or even stoppage in the workflow.

The most powerful solution is if you add SMS functionality to your existing system. Therefore you will be able to send SMS messages from your IT environment. In this way you can improve the communication between the different departments of your company but you can keep easily in touch even with your customers and business partners. If you use SMS technology you will be able to forward information such as date and time of meetings, or custom instructions. Furthermore, you will also be able to forward your sent or received email messages via SMS text messages to improve the speed of communication flow.

Ozeki offers SMS extension for the calendar and email template of Lotus Notes. It means that you can send SMS messages about your calendar entries. It is also possible to send SMS messages from the email application of Lotus Notes. Therefore, you will be able to schedule meetings, appointments, and reminders quickly and the intended people can be informed about the exact dates of these events. They will get your notification about important meetings even when they are out of the office.

How you can benefit from SMS technology

SMS extension increases the efficiency of Lotus Notes in the following ways:
- In Lotus Notes you can make several calendar entries about your meetings, appointments, important dates, etc. In this way you can easily organize your days.

- You can configure your system to send reminders about these important entries in SMS messages. These reminder messages can be sent to other participants of meetings as well. You only need to provide their mobile phone numbers in the addressee list.

- As it was mentioned above you also can send SMS from the email application of Lotus Notes. In this way you can spare time in a way that you can forward your received email as an SMS message or you can compose a message in the email template and send it as an SMS to even more recipients.

download icon Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
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System overview

You can add SMS extension to Lotus Notes with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. After some configuration, your system will function as follows:

In case of the calendar function you can configure your software to send notifications about important events to one or more mobile phones. You need to specify the time of the notification and also the addresses of the recipients. The body of the message can be your calendar entry in Lotus Notes or you can compose a short notification message. It will be forwarded to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway which reads it and sends a notification message to the given recipients.

If you want to send SMS from the email template of Lotus Notes, the process is similar to the previous one. You can compose a message or you can send your received email as an SMS message to more recipients. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway reads it, processes it and forwards it to the mobile phones of given recipients. You can examine this simple process in Figure 1.

sms messaging from lotus notes with ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - SMS messaging from Lotus Notes with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

How to adopt SMS messaging for Lotus Notes

Lotus Notes is an application that helps improve workflow in corporations. Now with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can increase the properties of Lotus Notes.

In order to send SMS from Lotus Notes first you need a powerful SMS gateway software. If you wish to send notification messages from the calendar function of Lotus Notes you need to generate an ODBC connection. After you downloaded the SMS gateway and created an ODBC connection, you can start the configuration. For detailed setup instructions please go to the installation guide for calendar template >>>. To configure your system to send SMS messages from the email template of Lotus Notes you can find helpful instructions in the installation guide for email template >>>.

Conclusion for Lotus Notes SMS

Lotus Notes with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best solution if you wish to improve the communication and workflow with your customers and partners. This solution provides an effective notification system about your calendar entries. Therefore you will always be reminded about important dates and events. Consequently notification messages ensure that you always keep in touch with customers and business partners as you can also forward notifications to them. If you integrate SMS technology into your corporate IT environment you will gain a stable, well-functioning and reliable system.

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