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How to connect to IBM Tivoli to SMS Service

This page presents a solution for those who use IBM Tivoli software to manage and monitor their IT environment. Now you can improve the security, reliability and availability of your IT system by adding SMS functionality to it with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. In this article you will find further information on how to send SMS from IBM Tivoli.

Configuration guide:
How to add SMS functionality to IBM Tivoli ( Video tutorial included)

Solution overview

If an error occurs in the monitored system IBM Tivoli Monitoring notices it. It sends a report about the error to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The SMS gateway processes this report and sends a notification message to the given mobile device. This simple but effective process can be examined in Figure 1.

Figure 1 - SMS solution for IBM Tivoli with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

How to boost SMS technology with IBM Tivoli

As today there are larger and larger companies with complex IT networks, system monitoring and system management become critical issues. To organize and manage their extended IT environment, companies often apply system management and monitoring applications. Such an application is IBM Tivoli Monitoring. As it can provide comprehensive monitoring, it is able to notice errors which have occurred in your IT environment. Therefore errors such as switch shut down, processor overheating, no space on HDD, no cooling in the server room, no network connection, etc, can be noticed easily. Though further cases still can occur, for example, the competent person cannot be achieved, the manager has not been informed about malfunctions, or employees cannot communicate in time to solve them. These cases can cause further damage and serious delays in workflow.

Now there is a possibility to improve the properties of IBM Tivoli software by adding SMS extension to it with a powerful SMS gateway. Therefore your IT system will be safer, more reliable and effective communication will also be possible. The monitoring system generates reports about the observed errors. With the use of an SMS gateway these reports can be forwarded as SMS messages to mobile devices. Therefore malfunctions can be solved in time and steps can be done to prevent further damage.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

How to implement IBM Tivoli SMS solution

You need to do some settings in your system in order to send SMS messages from IBM Tivoli to mobile devices. First you need to configure IBM Tivoli to be able to send SMS messages. You need to create a so called 'situation' in it. After you created and set this situation, you need to provide a command to send SMS messages. For a detailed installation guide please go to the setup instructions page >>>

If you decide to use Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will get a stable and well-functioning system. You can be sure that these notification messages are sent to the competent person. So he will be able to intervene in the right time. SMS messages can be forwarded continuously so the intended person will get notification messages even if he is away from the office. Moreover, these messages can be forwarded to several people from the IT staff to the manager. All in all, SMS technology improves communication processes in your company and if you combine it with your monitoring software you can ensure that noticed events always be reported to the competent person. You will save time and money while you achieve competitive advantage.

Conclusion for IBM Tivoli SMS alert solution

To sum the above mentioned up, with the implementation of SMS technology in your corporate IT system you can improve the efficiency of your monitoring software. With the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway SMS messages can be sent from your system to mobile devices. The competent people always can be reached even if they are out of the office. In this way problems and errors can be solved or prevented successfully. With this solution you will get a stable, well-functioning and secure system while you save time and money.

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