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How to send SMS notification from HP Systems Insight Manager (HP SIM)

For those who use HP Systems Insight Manager this page offers a solution to further enhance their IT system. The solution is SMS technology that can be easily integrated into HP SIM with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. As a result, SMS notifications can be sent to mobile devices from HP SIM. Learn more...

Setup instructions:
How to add SMS functionality to HP Systems Insight Manager ( Video tutorial included)

Overview of HP SIM SMS solution

Today administrators have to face with the complexity and difficulty of managing multiple applications and platforms in an integrated corporate IT environment. Though a well-structured monitoring and management software can ease their work, it is still difficult for them to perform these tasks satisfactorily. In organizations there is a common need to increase performance and productivity while the availability of the IT network should also be ensured. HP SIM is able to monitor your system and helps manage it from a central console. If an error occurs in your system, HP SIM will detect this failure. Your system works excellently up to this point. Now it also needs to ensure that notifications about these errors will be forwarded to the intended person. In this way this person can intervene immediately. To be able to do so, he has to get this notification in real time.

The solution is if you add SMS functionality to your HP Systems Insight Manager. This SMS functionality ensures that notification messages will be forwarded to predefined mobile phone numbers. In this way you can be sure that error notifications are sent to the intended person who can take the necessary steps immediately. Therefore matters can be solved before they affect your business processes or before your customers and partners notice these events. To achieve these excellent functions you need to setup an SMS system based on a stable and powerful SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. With the implementation of this solution you can ensure a well-structured system in your corporate IT environment based on SMS technology.

How SMS technology enhances your IT system

If you decide to implement SMS technology into your existing corporate IT system you will gain several advantages of it. HP SIM assures availability of your corporate IT systems and provides a centralized view of your enterprise. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway ensures SMS functionality to your system to further improve the availability and performance in your organization. This integration helps proactively react to potential system failures, even if these failures are real or predicted ones. Moreover, the intended people will be alarmed in real time so they can intervene immediately. The management also can be informed with SMS messages about the events and status of the IT system even if they are on the move. All in all, this solution increases fail-safe operation time, improves server performance and save valuable time and money.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
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System overview

If an error occurs in your IT network, HP SIM will detect this failure. In HP SIM there is an "Automatic Event Handling Task" that will process the error. In this rule you need to pre-define some criteria (for example, the system is not available). If this criterion is met during processing the error, the created custom tool will be executed. This will automatically open the directory of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and execute SendSMS.exe file with the necessary parameters. This SendSMS.exe file ensures the connection with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The SMS software will process the file and sends the SMS message to the given mobile phones. It forwards the SMS messages to the mobile network either with the help of a GSM modem attached to the computer or it directly connects to the SMS center of the mobile service provider. Figure 1. demonstrates an overview of this solution and the basic inter-operation of the components.

Figure 1 - Sending SMS alerts from HP SIM with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

To send SMS from HP SIM with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you need to do the follows: First you need to enter HP SIM to configure it for sending SMS messages. You need to create a new custom tool. This tool will execute SendSMS.exe file of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. If it is done you need to create an "Automatic Event Handling Task" for handling incoming events automatically. Here you can also set the criteria of the execution of custom tool. A detailed installation guide with video tutorials and step by step setup instructions will be provided on the following website: Setup instructions on how to add SMS functionality to HP SIM.

Conclusion for HP SIM SMS solution

To summarize the above mentioned, HP Systems Insight Manager with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best solution if you want to maximize the availability and performance of your IT network; and minimize downtime costs and end-user impact. SMS functionality helps increase the excellent properties of HP SIM therefore, the implementation of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will result in a well-functioning, stable and effective SMS system in your company. With this solution you can save time and money while you get the highest quality.

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