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How to connect Joomla to SMS service

Introduce SMS technology into your IT environment to be able to send SMS messages using Joomla. If you download and install an SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to your computer you can ensure SMS functionality on your web site. In this way you will satisfy the further needs of your clients and will also increase revenue by attracting more customers and partners. Learn this excellent solution in details on this page where you can find documentation and a helpful system architecture diagram that demonstrates how this solution works.

SMS solutions for Joomla:

What is Joomla?

Joomla is a CMS that allows you to build web sites and online applications in an easy but still very professional way. CMS stands for Content Management System and refers to the fact that Joomla manages all your web content. In other words a CMS is a software that helps you build and track your web site. As it is an open source solution and available for everyone, Joomla becomes the most popular web site software nowadays.

What can Joomla be used for?

  • Corporate Web sites/portals
  • Corporate intranets and extranets
  • Online magazines, newspapers, and publications
  • E-commerce and online reservations
  • Government applications
  • Small business Web sites
  • Non-profit and organizational Web sites
  • Community-based portals
  • School and church Web sites
  • Personal or family homepages

Why would you add SMS technology to Joomla?

If you use Joomla to manage your web content you can further improve the features of it and attract more customers by implementing SMS technology. The best way to attract more clients and customers is to provide high quality and well-functioning services for them. On this page you can learn how to adopt such a profitable system in your IT environment.

The best way to increase attendance of your web site and attract more visitors is if you introduce SMS technology. All you need to do is install a powerful SMS gateway software. In this way you can ensure high quality and reliable SMS services to users in a simple but very effective way. Practically, it means that visitors will be able to send SMS messages from Joomla or they can also subscribe for various SMS contents on your web site. This SMS functionality offers flexible and powerful services that make your web site more competitive and attractive.

The SMS service can be realized by downloading and installing an SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to your computer. This software will ensure the SMS functionality in your IT environment and allows users to send SMS messages from Joomla web sites. The SMS gateway forwards the SMS messages to the mobile network either with a GSM modem attached to the PC (GSM modem connectivity) or it connects directly to the SMS center of mobile service provider over the Internet (IP SMS connectivity). Read more about this solution below this site.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

Advantages of implementing SMS technology to Joomla

The solution offered by Ozeki makes it possible to compose and send SMS messages in an easy and convenient way from web sites to mobile phones. Visitors of your web site can send SMS messages immediately to other people if they see an update or news on your products or services. Furthermore, it is also possible that visitors subscribe to SMS contents on your site. From the time of subscription you can send SMS notifications to users and clients on various issues therefore SMS services will be great marketing tools to increase attendance of your site and popularize your business. As SMS messages are simple but effective ways of communication, they highly improve corporate communication: you can reach your customers more efficiently on their mobile phone after they subscribe to your SMS service.

SMS services implemented in Joomla web sites are practical and modern means of communication: this solution simplifies sending SMS messages as it offers an easy to use form for mobile messaging. You can ensure a comfortable service for your visitors as they can use their computer to send SMS messages while they are on your site. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway also support sending SMS contents and updates for your subscribers in a predefined time. This function also ensures you to introduce marketing campaigns. In this way if you decide to implement Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will gain a well-functioning, stable and efficient SMS system that helps you become more competitive and saves valuable time and money at the same time.

SMS services in your business

Find your area in the list and learn how to benefit from implementing SMS technology into your business! By clicking on one of the links you will be led to a more detailed page about the respective business field:

How SMS services work with Joomla

After you have become familiar with Joomla and SMS services in businesses, you can start to considering the technical features of this SMS solution. On the configuration pages you will gain step by step instructions on how to install and configure this service, moreover you can learn the prerequisites list of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Ozeki's SMS solution for Joomla web sites is easy to integrate and also easy to use. With Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will be able to achieve SMS functionality on web sites in two ways:

One of the possibilities is if you download and install Ozeki SMS module to your computer. If you do so, a form will appear on the Joomla web site from which SMS messages can be sent. Users only need to provide a recipient and compose their messages. By clicking on "Send message" button they can send messages from your web site. This is a simple but effective solution.

To learn more about this solution, please visit our configuration page on how to send SMS messages from Joomla 3.5 with Ozeki SMS module >>>

It is also possible to provide high quality SMS services to clients in a different way: after you downloaded and installed the SMS module, a form appears on your Joomla web site similarly to the previous solution but this form allows visitors to subscribe to your SMS services (updates or news on your products, services, events, etc). To do so they just need to select "Subscribe" option on the form. Users can also unsubscribe from SMS contents on the same form by selecting "Unsubscribe" option.

For more detailed information on this solution, please visit our configuration page on how to subscribe to SMS content in Joomla with Ozeki subscribe to SMS content module >>>

Figure 1 demonstrates how this solution works: as you can see, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway transmits SMS messages from Joomla to mobile phones of users. It connects to the mobile network either with GSM modem connectivity or IP SMS connectivity.

System architecture

Figure 1 - SMS solution for Joomla with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Conclusion for Joomla SMS solution

If you decide to build an SMS system in Joomla, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the proper solution for providing SMS services in a stable and reliable way as it is able to operate with large numbers of SMS messages at once. This system ensures high quality services that will attract more clients and offers an efficient marketing tool at low costs. In this way you can gain competitive advantage while you save time and money.

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