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SMS marketing with TS Man 2009

Are you looking for a simple, yet effective way of advertising and you want to be sure that you reach your target audience? You have great marketing ideas, but you can't seem to find the right tool for them? It takes a lot of time and effort to find the right solution?

Have you ever thought about communicating with your customers via text messages? SMS messaging is the simplest way of communication. The reason: people never go anywhere without their cellphones. You can reach your clients easily via text messages without disturbing them with mistimed phone calls or e-mails that would end up in the spam folder anyway. Are you wondering how can you implement SMS technology in your advertising campaigns?

Download SMS Marketing application for TS Man 2009, follow our installation guide and enjoy the benefits of SMS messaging!

Download:SMS Marketing Application for TS Man 2009.zip

For step by step introduction on how to set up this solution, please watch the video tutorials below:

Video: Send SMS from TS Man 2009 (part 1/2, configure your modem)
Video: Send SMS from TS Man 2009 (part 2/2, configure your system)

Send SMS from TS Man 2009 (part 1/2, configure your modem)

Send SMS from TS Man 2009 (part 2/2, configure your system)

Why to add SMS functionality to TS Man 2009?

  1. It simplifies your advertising problems.
  2. It can be implemented to your system easily.
  3. It has an easy-to-use user interface.
  4. It provides discreet, yet effective communication with your clients.
  5. It saves you time and effort.
  6. You can manage your contact list easily.

Read more about this solution to improve the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns below this page!


If you wish to setup this application you need to establish a connection between your system and a mobile network. You can choose from two options: Internet connection or wireless connection (when you attach a GSM phone or GSM modem to your computer). If you visit the following website: Internet based SMS connections vs. GSM modem based (wireless) SMS connections you can decide easily which solution is the best for you. You will need different tools for this application on the basis which solution you chose.

Requirements to connect your system to the Mobile network via the Internet

The following tools will be necessary if you wish to establish a connection between your system and an SMS service provider:

Figure 1/a - Prerequisites for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway IP SMS connection

You will need an SMS service provider who will be able to reach mobile phone surrounding you. To help you find a provider who can provide SMS service via the Internet, we have collected some provider on the following website: SMPP SMS Service providers. After you have chosen a provider and purchased its service you will get connection parameters and with these parameters you can set Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software according to your needs.

Requirements to wireless connection to the Mobile network

To establish wireless connection between your system and the GSM modem, you will need a GSM modem/ GSM phone and with a data cable you can connect it to your computer. In this way your Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software can handle the phone and the software can manage messaging wirelessly. The following tools will be necessary if you wish to establish this connection method:

Figure 1/b - Prerequisites for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway GSM modem connection

Your prerequisites for GSM modem connection:

SIM Card - You can purchase a SIM Card from your local mobile network service provider.*
Modem - Use a Wavecom, Siemens or Multitech modem.
Data cable - Comes with the modem
Computer - Recommended: Intel P4 3Ghz, 2GB RAM, 500Mb HDD, Windows OS
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway - Download it from http://www.sms-integration.com
TS Man 2009

* The cost of an SMS message is determined by the price plan you have chosen when you have purchased the SIM card from your GSM mobile network operator.
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

How to deliver SMS messages from TS Man 2009

If you follow the configuration steps below, your system will work as follows:
After you logged into TS Man as the Administrator, you can add clients. The data of your clients will be stored in a database (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Client data stored in database

With the SMS Marketing Application, you can select your clients from the database and write your message. The application will send your message to Ozeki NG SMS gateway that will send out your message to the recipients (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Sending SMS from the application

Configuration steps to add SMS functionality to TS Man 2009

Now you can start to configure your system. As a first step, you have to download and install TS Man 2009 to your computer.

Figure 4 - TS Man 2009 installed on the computer

After the installation, start the program and log in with your username and password (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Login window

On the right side of the program, you can find the navigational menu, where you can navigate in the program. Now click on "Sales" (Figure 6).

Figure 6 - Click on "Sales"

In "Sales" menu, click on "Clients". Here you can manage your clients and different tasks related to them (Figure 7).

Figure 7 - Click on "Clients"

Here, you can add new clients to your contact list. I will add some new clients for demonstrational purposes (Figure 8).

Figure 8 - Add new clients

Before you continue, you need to download and install Firebird ODBC Driver and Firebird Database 2.1.3 to your computer from Firebird's homepage (Figure 9 and 10).

Figure 9 - Install Firebird ODBC driver

Figure 10 - Install Firebird Database 2.1.3

After the installation, you can start the SMS Marketing application (Figure 11).

Figure 11 - Start SMS Marketing for TS Man 2009

Click on "Options" (Figure 12).

Figure 12 - Click on "Options"

Here you can test your settings by selecting your TS Man database and entering your user name and password. Click on "Test settings" to test the connection. If your connection is working, you will see a "Test connection successful" window (Figure 13).

Figure 13 - Test settings

You can also set options related to Ozeki NG-SMS Gateway here (Figure 14).

Figure 14 - Set the options related to Ozeki NG-SMS Gateway

Now you can select your clients by clicking on their names and write message for them. To send the messages click on "Send Message" (Figure 15).

Figure 15 - Select the clients and enter your message

If you open Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, you can see the sent message (Figure 16).

Figure 16 - You can see the sent messages in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

You can download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on the download page >>>

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