SMS marketing in business

Today consumers are more and more active and dependent on their mobile phones in this way the mobile channel has become an essential method for advertising and marketing purposes. There are numbers of SMS solutions accessible on the market but how can you benefit from automated sms campaigns and mobile solutions in the most effective way? Read this article to find impressive mobile solutions and choose the most suitable solution for your business to increase revenues and success.

What is SMS marketing

SMS Marketing (short message service marketing) is sending promotional campaigns or automated transactional text messages and receiving customer messages for marketing purposes.

sms marketing
Figure 1 - SMS marketing

What are SMS campaigns

SMS campaigns are a powerful digital marketing tool that allow businesses to send targeted messages directly to their customers’ mobile devices. They’re cost-effective, have high open rates, and can be personalized for better engagement. Whether it’s promotional offers, updates, or customer feedback, SMS campaigns can significantly enhance customer relations and boost business growth. They’re easy to set up, especially with an SMS gateway like Ozeki, making them a popular choice for businesses of all sizes. Remember, successful SMS campaigns are concise, timely, and provide value to the recipient.

Take your marketing to the next level with sms marketing...

SMS marketing has great potentials today as mobile users are attached to their phones and almost unable to move without them. SMS (Short Message Service) is one of the most commonly used communication channels. Therefore mobile devices have become one of the main tools for communication that allows direct connection even with customers. This simple fact then will provide you further advantages to be boosted in business. SMS marketing campaigns grow numbers of subscribers and boost sales with exclusive deals for SMS subscribers. The Ozeki SMS marketing solution lets you segment your audience and send personalized texts in bulk. You can easily promote time-sensitive mobile discounts and special events. SMS marketing features let you automatically send flash sale notification or appointment reminders. You send bulk sms texts to your customers.

As the indispensability of mobile technology is in rise, companies have seen the great potentials that lie in it. People do not leave their home without their mobile phone in this way mobiles are the proper means to contact with them. You can send targeted SMS text messages to people that will help you turn them into prospective buyers. You can offer various discounts and promotions via text messages in a form of SMS campaigns, or SMS votings, etc. That is why mobile sms marketing has become an essential method in marketing campaigns and can be seen as a part of the so-called marketing mix.

You can also introduce sms marketing in your business. The greatest benefit of sms marketing is that it is easy to implement in the existing marketing strategy of your company. Therefore, you can introduce this new method without the need for restructuring your whole strategy.

After you adopt this solution you will be able to address your customers or you can acquire new customers and increase retention and loyalty. SMS marketing allows a direct way of communication that makes personalized and therefore effective SMS campaigns possible. So use SMS text messages to send promotional materials to your customers to gain their loyalty or you can also alert them of upcoming products, services or events via simple SMS text messages.

How Can You Use Ozeki SMS Gateway for Effective SMS Marketing?

Let's explore some strategies SMS marketing ideas that work:

  1. Time Your Special Deals for Special Days: Use Ozeki SMS Gateway to send out promotions or special deals timed with holidays, birthdays, or significant events.
  2. Create a Sense of Urgency: Add an end date to your offers to encourage more people to take action.
  3. Collect Customer Feedback: Send a simple SMS asking people to rate your product or service. This can boost response rates as it's easier for people to answer a quick text message than an email.
  4. Provide Helpful Reminders and Updates: Send timely text messages to confirm appointments or provide updates on customer’s account information.
  5. Forge Stronger Relationships with Your Customers: Personalise your messages based on customer preferences or past shopping behaviours.

Benefits of mobile sms marketing

SMS marketing allows wide range of opportunities to improve success and efficiency in your business. Browse through the list to find out the main advantages of this solution.

SMS marketing:

  • ensures a time-sensitive information delivery
  • is a targeted way of communication
  • allows direct contact with your customers
  • increases and completes revenues
  • helps estimate active customer potential (e.g. SMS voting)
  • allows efficient promotions to clients (discounts, new collections, etc)
  • increases the level of customer services
  • is discreet and confidential

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by opening the download page: Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

Fields of utilization

It does not matter which business you are involved in, you can be sure that sms marketing will help you acquire more consumers. Mobile phones offer the opportunity to keep in touch with your customers directly. Therefore, you can send targeted SMS messages about discounts, events, services, products, etc.

However, several further uses are possible. In this way you can launch SMS campaigns, SMS voting, games, reward programs, contests, coupons and all of them can be realized via text messaging.

For example, you can specify a code or keyword on your billboards. So people can use their phone to text in (to vote, to send their idea, their own custom design, etc). Therefore you will be in really close to their opinion and their votes can be considered in your next campaign. You can integrate mobile solutions into the TV, radio or any other media. You can also use it for sharing ringtones (people can download it via SMS and use it on their phone. This will reinforce brand association). You can also issue SMS coupons, tickets and launch Bluetooth campaigns. All of these possibilities are based on the conception that people read the received SMS text messages within four minutes. Furthermore, in case of SMS coupons and tickets they are always accessible as people always carry phones with themselves.

Moreover, customers can subscribe to your SMS services in your web site. You can read more about this solution on Subscribe to SMS content in Joomla or Subscribe to SMS content in Drupal page.

Find your area in the list and learn how to benefit from implementing SMS technology into your business! By clicking on one of the links you will be led to a more detailed page about the respective business field:

How to realize sms marketing

To launch successful marketing campaigns first you need to ensure the technical background for campaigns. In other words you need to introduce SMS technology into the IT environment. You can do this if you download and install Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that is a software product and can be installed to the PC. This software will ensure SMS functionality in your IT infrastructure that allows you to send SMS messages from your PC to mobile phones. If your SMS system is installed you will gain a stable and efficient system based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

The SMS gateway forwards SMS messages to cellphones via the mobile network. You can connect your gateway to the mobile network either with GSM modem connection or with IP SMS connection. You can learn the difference between the two connection alternatives on GSM modem based wireless links vs IP SMS connections to the mobile network page that will also help you select the proper connection type for your needs.

sms solution for marketing
Figure 1 - SMS solutions for marketing

Conclusion of SMS marketing

A successful SMS campaign needs to be instant, personalized and have a "call-to-action" force that will result in immediate gratification. These conditions can easily be achieved and maintained if you implement mobile marketing based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that is able to meet the requirements. It allows instant communication via SMS messages and it is able to operate with huge numbers of messages at the highest quality in a reliable way. These features make this software outstanding and the best solution if you want a stable and profitable SMS system in your business.

Download The free trial of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway right now to see how it works in practice!

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