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In businesses (and no matter what business you are in) keeping in touch with employees and customers is an essential expectation. Though keeping deadlines can be as important as good and continuous relations. Therefore, if you implement an efficient system that is able to meet the requirements above you can ensure an impressive corporate and even personal system. Find a solution on this page that helps keep deadlines and build corporate relations cost effectively.

What is SMS reminder

SMS reminder is an automated appointment alert text message from Ozeki SMS gateway software. Sending alert SMS to customers and group members text reminders directly to their mobile phones by text message is fast and easy.

You must experience cases when you forgot an important event or you just did not have enough time to prepare to a meeting because you did not remember in time to the exact date. Or it is still embarrassing if your partner forget the meeting and you need to wait for long. If you do not want to miss any important meetings, deadlines or events you need a method that helps you remember of everything in order to be effective.

To avoid inconvenient, time and money consuming cases when "don't remembering" causes delays and work-stoppages in your business introduce an impressive solution that allows instant and direct reminders. And this solution is SMS technology. After the implementation you will be able to provide SMS reminder services for yourself, your business, for customers and business partners, as well.

With this simple but effective technology you can ensure that no delays will occur because of the fact that the intended person has not been informed or reminded of the oncoming event or date, etc. SMS reminders can be introduced into any businesses regardless its field or size as mobile phones are widely used by workers, customers, partners. Therefore, effective SMS services like SMS reminders can be launched right after the implementation of SMS technology in your IT system.

How can SMS reminders be used?

SMS reminders can be the best methods to be up-to-date about all the "to-dos". It is possible to integrate SMS technology into calendars to achieve a more efficient solution of reminders. SMS for calendars allows you to always be informed and noticed about upcoming events, meetings.

Corporate use:

  • Send SMS reminders before important meetings, dates, events
  • Remind the staff of deadlines
  • Send a reminder SMS to your business partner before your meeting
  • Remind your customers before you launch a new product, service or you organize an event for them
  • Send SMS reminders when bills are overdue (SMS messages are far more discreet than other channels)
  • You can send the same reminder text message to multiple recipients (bulk SMS)
  • Send SMS reminders to patients before appointments, or annual checkups to reduce "no-shows" in healthcare industry

SMS reminders are the proper means for remind directly the intended person of his/her appointment or dates, etc. Due to their flexibility SMS reminders can be implemented into any fields of business and they will achieve the same effectiveness in reducing "no-shows" whether it is a dentist surgery reminding patients about appointments, or a shop informing customers about overdue.

Personal use:
You can send SMS reminders from your IT system to your mobile phone, as well. In this way you can be up-to-date on all your forthcoming dates and events for example birthday, anniversaries, date of show or the starting date of your holiday, etc. Any issue can be sent via SMS messages to your mobile phone to make you remind of events and ensure that you never forget any important or everyday issue.

Advantages of SMS reminders

  • SMS messages allow direct and instant way of reminding as people read SMS messages within a few minutes
  • Only the intended person receive your reminders
  • Your reminder messages will reach people even on the go
  • SMS reminders help to be up-to-date and never miss anything
  • They are discreet so the recipient do not need to stop his activity to receive the reminder
  • Cheaper and more effective than other channels
  • Easy to trace back (Read message traceability page)

How to implement SMS technology into your IT system

To be able to send SMS reminders to yourself and people you need to build your corporate SMS system. To do so download and install an SMS gateway software that will provide SMS functionality to your IT system. Such an SMS gateway is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This software product has an outstanding message capacity in this way it can meet the requirements of the various businesses.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway forwards SMS messages to the mobile network in two ways. The first is called GSM modem connection referring to the fact that the SMS gateway operates one or more GSM modems attached to the PC with datacable. The other possibility is IP SMS connection. In this case the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of a mobile service provider over the Internet.

sms reminders
Figure 1 - SMS reminders

In summary of SMS reminders

SMS reminders based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway are the best solutions if you want to ensure availability and being up-to-date all the time for yourself and for your company. With this solution "no-shows" and delays can easily be avoided in this way you will be able to ensure a more stable work-flow and increase profits as well.

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