Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway

The following list is a complete overview of the functionalities that the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway offers you. You will learn about what the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway can connect to, what can you offer your customers as a service provider, what the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway can offer to business users and what can you do as a developer with the provided APIs. This articles purpose is to show you how versatile the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway is and why is it a good idea to expand your business with it. These solutions are easy to develop but most of the times, it requires a little previous knowledge of the subject. Now don’t waste any more time. Start using the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway now!


In an organization, communication is the key to success. Send SMS from your business application to multiple recipients inside you company. The Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway can serve you as a communication channel to SMS messages, chat messages, e-mails or even phone calls. You could even build systems that can notify you in events or errors in your IT system. Don’t waste any more time. Download the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway and make your information flow faster than ever before. !


Starting an SMS business have never been easier. You can provide your customers bulk messaging solutions based on the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway. It means that none of your clients will have any problem with latency or delivering issues. The Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway features a deep logging function which is excellent for service providers. Using this function, you can easily look after an unsent message or any customer complaint and can fix it in no time.

Setup SMPP, HTTP, E-mail to SMS or SIM hosting services. Find out more...


Do you want to provide information for your customers using an SMS service? You can manage your bulk SMS marketing campaign using the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateways intuitive and easy to learn user interface. If you use the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway, you can send SMS messages from virtually any platform. Let it be HTTP, E-mail, Excel, Outlook.

In the following few links, you can find information about these technologies and more.


The Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway is the best choice when it comes to using a database to manage you SMS traffic. It can send SMS from a database and receive SMS from a database without problem. Using a database as a foundation of your system means that you take advantage of the power of the SQL language and the speed and versatility of the Ozeki 10 SMS Gateway.

The following articles are about each supported SQL database managing software.


The Ozeki SMS Gateway offers APIs from multiple programming languages. What it means is that you can implement SMS sending and receiving capabilities to your project written in any programming language. You can find the source code for these APIs for free. Giving flexible software with the implemented SMS sending capability means more customers who are using your service on a daily basis.

These following links are the articels about each APIs Ozeki offering you you.

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