Android SMPP SMS Gateway

In this guide, we are going to talk about the Android SMPP SMS Gateway and the functionalities that it offers you. The Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway is an application that can serve as a connection between the Ozeki SMS Gateway and the public SMS network. The main purpose of this solution is that you don’t need to buy an expensive industrial grade GSM modem. You need to simply download the Ozeki SMPP SMS Gateway to your android smartphone and you can instantly start sending SMS messages. This solution needs no previous knowledge of the subject, because during the setup process you are only going to work in the Ozeki SMS Gateway. It offers an intuitive and easy to understand user interface that will make sure that you can finish the configuration process. All you need to do is to follow this tutorial and start using the Ozeki SMS Gateway with your phone.

Android SMPP SMS Gateway (Video tutorial)

In this video, we are going to show you how to setup the Ozeki SMS Gateway to work with and Android phone running the Ozeki Android SMPP SMS Gateway. The video start with creating a user and will take you all the way to inspecting the log records for the SMS sending event. This video is only 1:44 long but it features all the steps you need to take in a very detailed way. Due to the easy to understand graphical user interface of the Ozeki SMS Gateway, you will have no problem with completing the setup process.

How the Android SMPP SMS Gateway works

This SMS solution offers you a solution if you want to send bulk SMS messages, without an industry grade GSM modem. The system consists of a Windows PC running the Ozeki SMS Gateway, a mobile phone running the Android SMPP SMS Gateway and some phone numbers that will be the recipients. For better understanding, here is how the system works: The Windows PC will be connected to the Android SMS Gateway with an SMPP SMS connection. This will make sure that the Ozeki SMS Gateway can use your mobile phone as a GSM Modem. The GSM modem will now be able to send your SMS messages to all the recipient’s phone.

provide service with an android phone
Figure 1 - How to provide SMPP service with an Android phone


From this article, you have learned what is the Android SMPP SMS Gateway and how it can work. Using an android phone as a GSM modem means that you can start sending bulk messages without buying and setting up an industrial modem. Having a bulk messaging service means that you will have fast and manageable information flow.

To find more information about this Android SMPP SMS Gateway, visit the website about how to setup the Android SMPP SMS Gateway on you phone, or the article about what options you have when sending SMS messages.

As the first step of the setup, install the Ozeki SMS Gateway and the Android SMPP SMS Gateway and start sending SMS now!