Send and receive SMS from your Network management system

Using a network management software the workload of your IT staff can be reduced. Your IT environment will be safer and your performance will be better thus the satisfaction of customers will be significant. These are the obvious benefits of Network management systems but now you can further develop these features with the use of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to provide SMS functionality to your Network management application.

Fields of application

Today network management is an essential question in the corporation's IT workflow. Network management software are widely used as they make business life easier and more efficient. Larger companies need a well-working IT system because they use it for everyday dealings such as finance, sales, public relations, business correspondence, marketing, supply etc. Computer systems become inevitable parts of business processes and network management software help protecting them with monitoring.

You can also manage them, increase the performance, security, and the main advantage of these kinds of software is the fact that they are able to send notifications or event alerts about problems usually through an e-mail message. So you can always be informed about difficulties or the right person can get information about the state of the system. The problems of these e-mail messages are that they are not always received in time and cannot be delivered if there is no internet connection.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms in your network management system
Figure 1 - Solution for how to send SMS in your network management system

SMS sending can be the best and more convenient solution for such problems as it is the quickest and easiest way of message sending in today's communication. Companies use this kind of message more and more frequently to get their messages and important data delivered. You can send and receive SMS text messages any time and any place to mobile phones. It is not necessary to be in the office or sitting in front of your computer. In case of large corporations, there can be several subsidiaries with difficult computer networks that are needed to be monitored all the time to be able to work properly without problems.

If you can send and receive SMS to and from your computer it is no longer needed to make complicated reports about the state of your systems, about the problems occurred, etc. With an SMS message you, the manager, the administrator, the IT engineer, etc, can be informed immediately and serious damages can be prevented as this solution does not depend on internet connection. You can be available and the competent person can be alerted even if you or s/he is not in the office. Furthermore, you can get delivery reports about your SMS so you always know whether the recipient got your message or not. You can get an SMS if the HDD is full, the processor is overheated, there is no cooling in the server room, an unauthorized person wants to access the system, etc.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be used to add SMS functionality to your network management program. It is a stable, perfectly functioning software which is able to connect to any mobile network and by this manner it can take the outgoing messages from the network management software and forward it to a cell phone. The network management software can connect to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway over different interfaces such as command line, Http, e-mail, SNMP.

For example, if your network management program such as SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor, Nagios Core, Progress WhatsUp Gold, HelpSystems Intermapper,etc, notices a problem it generates a report about it and forwards this generated report to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway which makes it possible to transmit it to a mobile device.


You can improve your business dealings by the use of this solution as you are always up-to-date and can concentrate on important matters instead of system management and monitoring problems. The satisfaction of customers can be increased by using modern technology to help satisfying their needs. With Ozeki's software you can send up to 500 messages per second. In spite of this fact it does not put heavy load on system resources as it runs in the background and takes action when text messages are needed to be sent or received. You can get access to the graphical interface from a web browser. It is easy to navigate and configure and give quick access to the tools you need. Furthermore, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be used for sending any type of text messages. So for instance you can send notifications, alerts and reminders about important dates, events and meetings. You can create a newsletter service and you can inform your colleagues, partners, or customers about your company's improvements.


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is more than suitable for providing the above described features. As it is developed and produced with the latest, next generation technology its groundbreaking performance can maintain a stable, flawlessly working, reliable system. The highest security ensures the safety of your service and brings ease of use to system monitoring procedures. With the help of Ozeki's application you can greatly improve your IT management thus creating a well organized, professional working environment.

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