Mobile solutions for travel industry and tourism


SMS solutions for travel industry ensure higher customer satisfaction and loyalty, while help focus on the changing needs and demands of travelers. SMS technology allows to reach more potential customers, keep in touch with existing ones and attract new travelers by its simplicity. With SMS messages you will be able to send out travel information and further data to the mobile phones of customers even if they are on the move. To implement this solution first you need a stable SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to ensure SMS functionality to your customers. If you decide to apply this solution your marketing campaigns and communication will be sensibly more successful. This article provides further information on the benefits of this solution.

Send travel information via SMS!

SMS messages are more efficient ways for marketing and communication purposes than email or fax. And mobile messages are far more discreet and better welcomed than telephone callings. These are the most obvious reasons for the popularity of text messages all over the world both in business and in everyday life. They are simple but still very effective methods of communication and information sent via SMS is read with higher probability than in case of other media. In case of travel and tourism there are also several fields where SMS messages can increase efficiency and profit, and satisfy the needs of customers and the members of this industry like airlines, hotels or hospitality businesses.

If you want to increase the numbers of your customers you can launch SMS campaigns. If you already have customers but you wish to further increase their convenience and fulfill their needs, adopt SMS services. With SMS notifications you can inform customers about changes, emergencies, or extra services offered by your company. To improve corporate communication use SMS as a way to notify the staff about the arrival of a guest or if there is a special request from a guest. SMS messaging helps reduce reaction time and eases the work of the staff.

These services can be achieved by a powerful SMS gateway software such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This software product can be installed on your computer to provide SMS functionality. It forwards SMS messages to the mobile network with the use of a GSM modem attached to the computer with a data cable or it connects directly to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet. Please note that GSM modem connection is recommended if you start to build your SMS system as it is more secure. If you want to increase capacity you can attach more than one GSM modem to the computer or switch to IP SMS connection.

sms solutions for travel industries and tourism
Figure 1 - SMS solutions for travel industries and tourism

Send SMS to provide travel information for customers about:

  • travel itineraries
  • departure information
  • flight time changes
  • gate information
  • boarding status
  • passenger Name Record
  • alerts on delays, changes or cancellation
  • any changes to the Ticketing Time Limit
  • e-tickets
  • flight status

Provide more convenience for guests by SMS service:

  • check in via SMS
  • track lost baggage
  • notify guests if the hotel room is ready
  • SMS reminders
  • offer the extra services of your hotel via SMS
  • ensure continuous availability
  • special offers in SMS (for cheaper breakfast, dinner, etc)
  • provide information about hotel booking phone, weather, taxi phone, time differences, exchange rate, etc
  • increase security by SMS notifications about embassy contact details, hospitals, police

Marketing via SMS

  • launch SMS campaigns to attract more customers
  • offer mobile coupons or notifications on last minute travels, cars, hotel room, special services

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Benefits of implementing SMS technology

SMS messages allow real time communication with customers, employees and even business partners. In case of travelers, this real time communication or updates on information ensure a greater control over their traveling. The above mentioned various SMS notifications and alerts save valuable time for customers but even for your staff, as well. With this solution you can notify customers, travelers, guests about recent changes, updates, or you can just remind them for services. These options will reduce costs relating to flight delays and will result in lower customer support calls. Practically, with the implementation of SMS solutions based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will save time and money and will be able to provide further services for the convenience and satisfaction of your customers.

Conclusion of SMS solutions for travel and tourism

To summarize the above mentioned, SMS technology helps greatly improve the efficiency of communication and marketing strategy. It allows to reach a wide range of customers in this way it makes marketing campaigns more successful. With SMS notifications and SMS alerts you can avoid long waiting queues and unhappy customers. These features will be appreciated by people and will attract more potential travelers and guests. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software will ensure a stable and well-functioning SMS service at the highest quality as it has a unique capacity on the market. Use a market leader product to be competitive on the market!

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