Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

This SMS gateway software offers rock-solid mobile network connectivity. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway provides mobile network connectivity through a GSM phone or GSM modem attached to your computer with a data cable or through the Internet by using an SMS service provider account. It can serve several applications and users simultaneously in real-time to prevent delays. It can be used for both sending SMS messages and receiving SMS messages and supports delivered to network, delivered to handset and delivery error reports. It offers everything you might need from an SMS platform in one engine, with a simple easy to use Web based graphical user interface.

Installing this software makes it possible to send SMS messages from the command line, through HTTP or from E-mail. You can even send SMS messages from your corporate database, such as Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle, MySQL, Postgres, Access, etc. The application provides very high performance. Depending on your mobile network connection, you can send up to 500 SMS messages per second. The program doesn't put heavy load on system resources. It runs in the background and takes action when SMS text messages need to be sent or received. The graphical interface can be accessed from a web-browser. It is easy to navigate and give quick access to the tools you need.
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Product name:Ozeki SMS Gateway
File size:5 Mb
Download: ozeki-sms-gateway.com
License: Commercial, 20 day trial
Operating system: Windows 11, Windows 10

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