How to send SMS with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

OZEKI NG - SMS Gateway is a high capacity SMS server that is very popular among ISV/OEM, Enterprise, and Community Users. It is recognized for its superior ease of use, performance and reliability. In this overview you can find further information about this SMS software. This webpage lists facts about the features of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and you can also read about software parameters, such as prerequisites, compatibility and performance.

For step by step instructions on how to send and receive SMS messages from Ozeki NG SMS Gateway please go to the installation guide.

Fields of applications

The software can be used to send and receive SMS text messages and other message types (WAP push messages, operator logos and ring tones). However, in such a fast phased field as IT, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has conformed to the field's demands, therefore it was developed to be compatible with numerous platforms and languages. Its ability to connect any application implementing business logic directly to the Short Message Service Center (SMSC) of a GSM service provider widens its fields of applications. Sending SMS from a system monitoring program directly to a mobile user can greatly increase IT efficiency. With such a service short response time and quick intervention can be achieved. Integrating such a solution to an IT environment can increase IT efficiency and can minimize system maintenance costs.


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway means being well connected and well informed. Implementing one of its integration solutions to your system manager tool can greatly increase efficiency, accuracy and safety. The solution enables your working environment to send SMS messages to the competent person; you, the system administrator or any of your colleagues. Ozeki can be configured to forward the system reports of your monitoring software thus IT maintenance becomes easier, faster and more successful. By way of example, if a system malfunctioning occurs the system administrator is immediately connected through an SMS alert report. In this manner a short response time can be achieved system troubles can be corrected quickly. Therefore serious system break-downs can be prevented and even avoided which consequently can save expenditure, resource and time.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's solutions are the best choice for those who would like to have a stable, sufficient and safe SMS report service for their different monitoring software.


In order to integrate an Ozeki NG SMS Gateway solution to your system supervision software you need to meet some hardware and software requirements. Please consult the checklist provided below to see what you need (Figure 1).

prerequisites for ozeki ng sms gateway
Figure 1 - Prerequisites for Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

SIM Card - You can get this from your local mobile network operator.*
Modem - Use a Wavecom, Siemens or Multitech modem.
Data cable - Comes with the modem
Computer - Recommended: Intel P4 3Ghz, 2GB RAM, 500MB HDD, Windows OS
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway - Download it from

*The SIM card will come with a plan, that will determine how much money you will spend on each SMS.
Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

System architecture

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been designed to enable your computer to send text messages. This process consists of the following steps. Your SMS gateway can be connected to different kinds of solutions of system manager and monitor programs. So if this program notices an alert in your IT environment it generates an alert and reports it to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The SMS gateway then sends an SMS to the mobile user as it is connected to the mobile network by a modem or by an IP SMS connection. This quick, simple but very reliable process can be checked in Figure 2.

ozeki ng sms gateway architecture diagram
Figure 2 - Ozeki NG SMS Gateway architecture diagram

How to implement this product

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a powerful software that makes it possible to send and receive SMS text messages to and from your computer and mobile phone. To use this program effectively you need to download it first. After this, you need to configure your gateway to enables your system to transmit messages. Then you can set the data of notification messages (e.g. you can choose one of the possibilities of sending SMS through HTTP request, command line, E-mail, etc. if you are a developer then you can continue this settings by adding SMS functionality to your source code, etc.


In conclusion, after the installation of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you get a reliable and effective SMS gateway, which makes your business life easier by making it possible to be always up-to-date, well-informed, and provide the ability of quick and proper responses to business partners. It improves the communication within and outside of your company. You can save time and money while your prestige is growing among your partners, customers, and even employees as you provide a modern technology to make business dealings easier and simpler.

Please, go to the Installation Guide to learn how to configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

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