Send SMS via the Internet

If you are planning to send more than 4000 SMS a day from your office computer or IT environment, or if you plan to transmit messages infrequently and you want to send a large amount of SMS messages in a very short period of time, than installing an SMS service with IP SMS connectivity is well advised. This kind of system is able to connect directly to the SMSC (SMS Center) of a GSM service provider thus it is excellent for transmitting huge amount of SMS messages.

What do you need?

This solution requires an SMS subscription purchased from an SMS service provider, that allows you to connect to the mobile network to transfer SMS messages (using SMPP, CIMD2, UCP, HTTP). This subscription might have a monthly fee and a fee that will be charged for each SMS you send. It is worth to consider choosing a tariff package which offers favorable text message prices. You also need Internet connection, a computer with a Windows operation system and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software. The bandwidth of the Internet connection needs to be min. 64 Kbps so a leased line, ADSL, Cable modem, T1 and other Internet connections are adequate.

ip sms prerequisites
Figure 1 - IP SMS prerequisites for text message sending via Internet

How to send SMS via the Internet

Your checklist:

IP SMS subscription

Internet connection


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Where can you obtain them?

The IP SMS subscription is obtainable from any SMS service provider on the Internet or from your local Mobile Network Operator (MNO). Internet SMS service providers will sell you SMS credits and will provide a per SMS tariff. If you sign up with your local mobile network operator, you will probably be charged a monthly fee and a small rate per SMS. After subscribing for the service, the SMS service provider (or your local MNO) will provide you their IP address, a port number and a username and password to access their service. These parameters are needed to configure the connection in the Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software. The SMS gateway software can be obtained at Ozeki Informatics Ltd. Please send us an e-mail to get a quotation. In the e-mail tell us how many messages per minute do you want to send or receive in your system.

If you have not downloaded Ozeki NG SMS Gateway yet, please go to the Download page.

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