Mobile technology is able to bring new opportunities to healthcare areas beside simple communication. By implementing SMS technology into the IT system, healthcare institutions gain numbers of advantages. Using SMS, healthcare industry can reach more people in more places in real time. In this way critical healthcare information, facts or reminders can be sent out to patients, employees, or partners. SMS functionality can be achieved very simply by installing a stable SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway on your computer. In this article you will find further information on this solution.


As SMS technology is the easiest but still the most efficient way to communicate SMS messages become a particularly suitable means for communication in healthcare industry, as well. This functionality is the best solution for cases when patients forget their appointments, the workers are not in safe, the administration is not efficient, disabled people cannot communicate effectively, etc. SMS messages are so simple and available for everyone but this simplicity gives its popularity.

You can provide SMS services if you install an SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software on your computer. This software product will provide SMS functionality with which you can send out any information to the mobile phone of the intended person. In this way you can avoid the above mentioned inconvenient cases and you will be able to offer reliable and effective SMS services to your patients and business partners, as well.

Now learn how this SMS system works: The SMS gateway forwards messages to the mobile network either through GSM modem connection or IP SMS connection. In the first case, there is a GSM modem attached to the PC with a data cable. The IP SMS connection practically means that the SMS gateway connects directly to the SMS center of the mobile service provider over the Internet. If you want to increase capacity attach more than one GSM modem to the computer or you can switch to IP SMS connection.

Problem Solution with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway Benefits
Patients forget their appointments so there is a stoppage for that time Send SMS notifications 1-2 days before the appointment No more delays and stoppage in surveys
Patients forget or skip annual checkups Send regular SMS notifications before the due checkup Patients prefer to go to those doctors who care about them and send them reminders
Patients have to be notified about results Communicate results of diagnostic tests in SMS It eases the workload of the staff
Workers cannot communicate continuously With SMS messages they can easily keep in touch and they are traceable This solution improve communication flow and ensure safety for workers
There are long waiting queues With a simple SMS patients can be notified in time Happier patients, more relaxed workers
The institution has to keep contact with several partners, customers, patients, etc. Use SMS technology to communicate not only to patients but all partners It improves communication flow and makes more efficient communication possible

Benefits of SMS technology at healthcare institutions

Now doctors, healthcare workers or administrators can employ SMS technology to improve healthcare services for patients and relieve their workload at the same time. As SMS messages are targeted messages, they are the excellent ways for marketing reasons (for example, campaign for smoking cessation), notification (e.g. about appointments), sending health information. Because SMS messages are sent only to the targeted person, they ensure discreet messaging. Practically it means that only the intended person will receive information about his health. Moreover, SMS messages can be read at any time and any place, therefore, they never will be intrusive like telephone calls.

sms for healthcare
Figure 1 - SMS for healthcare

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Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by opening the download page: Download Ozeki NG SMS Gateway!

Conclusion of healthcare SMS

Implementing Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best solution if you wish to increase the efficiency of your services in healthcare industry. For several problems SMS messages are the obvious solutions. They ensure discretion while they improve communication and information flow. You can send out information in a wide variety of ways to people about facts, or send SMS as reminders, supports, or alerts, etc. As they can be saved and stored for later review, SMS text messages are excellent ways for communication even in critical cases.

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