Enterprise SMS system

There are several benefits you can achieve if you add SMS functionality to your corporate IT system and there are different ways to take advantage of this technology. This article outlines these benefits and the options you have when you decide to implement SMS messaging in your business.


When you choose to utilize SMS messaging for your business, you are choosing to establish the capacity to send information quickly and effectively to the mobile phones of your employees, customers, and business partners, even if they are constantly on the move. You will also be able to collect information from mobile agents, such as mobile sales representatives, employees working in logistic operations and engineers working on the field. SMS messages are the simplest and quickest ways of communication today. They are welcomed in everyday life but also in corporate communication processes. With SMS messages you can implement, a fast reliable and very efficient communication channel, that makes your business more efficient.

To be able to use mobile messaging in your company, all you need to do is to setup an SMS gateway software that makes it possible to transmit and receive SMS messages. In these pages you can read about the benefits and the important aspects that should be considered, when you decide to use mobile text messaging.

sms gateway technology
Figure 1 - SMS Gateway technology

Benefits of using SMS in your company

SMS messaging makes business processes easier and faster and more efficient. SMS messages can play a vital part in improving operational effectiveness. There are numbers of cases when a short text message forwarded to a mobile phone is the best alternative. For example:

  • If there is a problem, that is discovered or an issue, that needs quick response in your standard operation, you can immediately reach the competent person with a simple SMS. Once reached, he can intervene in time so further harms can be avoided. For example if you operate a computer network, the malfunctioning of a server computer or other critical IT equipment breakdown can be noticed automatically, and the IT administrator can be notified using an SMS message in time to solve the problem

  • In terms of customer relationship management, your customers can be informed about the process of production and product delivery in SMS messages. This keeps them well informed and happy.

  • In case you have (or want to build) a workflow system, you can rely on SMS messages to keep in touch with your employees and suppliers by informing them about their exact tasks, their responsibilities, the dates for their meetings, or the critical deadlines they must meet.

  • Your marketing team can also use mobile text messaging. For example they can inform your customers, resellers and business partners about your latest success or appearance in media.

As you can see, there are number of cases that give you the ability to improve your system with SMS messages.

Why do you need an SMS gateway software?

When you want to take advantage SMS messaging offers, you have two choices: you can use an SMS gateway in your corporate system, or you can implement a connection to an SMS service provider directly. Using an SMS gateway is a better choice. SMS gateways are usually introduced in companies because of the fact that they make it possible to add SMS functionality more efficiently, and they eliminate many possible problems, that can arise while implementing direct SMS service provider integration. With a corporate SMS gateway you achieve service provider independence and you gain other advantages:

  • An SMS gateway software provides faster and easier integration to your IT system, because it provides easy to use interfaces. The most popular interfaces are: SQL to SMS configuration, E-mail to SMS configuration, Text file to SMS, command line to SMS, HTTP to SMS. Application programming interfaces such as JAVA, C#.NET, VB, ASP, PHP, C++, Access, etc are also available.

  • An SMS gateway software makes it possible to use multiple telephone numbers. This is often necessary if different divisions in the company want to use SMS.

  • An SMS gateway software makes it possible to communicate with multiple SMS service providers and wireless networks at the same time. To support this an SMS gateway software proves SMS routing.

  • An SMS gateway software implements very important coding tasks, such as proper character encoding, long SMS support (message segmentation and reassembly). It will make sure your messages will not contain invalid characters on the recipient handset.

  • An SMS gateway software acts as a central point for mobile messaging in a corporate system, and makes it possible to track outgoing and incoming messages and to monitor application activity. This is particularly useful if several applications use mobile messaging in a single company. It is also useful to verify service provider billing.

Introducing Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway posseses all of these excellent features. It is the best solution if you would like to add SMS functionality to your system to be more effective and up-to-date. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway will save you time and money and attract more customers as you can spend more time with customer and partner relations instead of dealing with communication problems. Furthermore you can avoid inconvenient situations originated from not sent or delaying messages. To sum it up, with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can improve communication within and outside your company while you save time and money.

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