Send and receive SMS from your database application

Databases are efficient ways for logically storing information within a company. They are built to organize data on the bases of their internal end external relationships therefore collecting them and utilizing them are easy, fast and time sparing. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be configured to allow your database software to send and receive SMS to and from mobile phones or devices which greatly eases information exchange. In this overview you can learn about the fields of applications and the benefits of such an application.

Fields of applications

A correctly organized and accurately maintained database is an essential part of a successful company. However today's fast-phased business life demands companies to create, deploy and manage data driven solutions almost everyday. The basic concept around which their development and utilization is centered is mobility, accessibility and ease of use. Although in a complex company vast amount of information gathers up in a relatively short amount of time and accessibility suffers the effect. Consequently the accumulated bulk of data reduces availability and ease of use because of its plain size and elaborateness. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers an application which can relieve such a pressure and can provide the ease of mobility and accessibility by enabling your database to send SMS messages.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms in your sql database
Figure 1 - Solution for how to send SMS in your SQL database

A database (such as Interbase, MS SQL, MySQL, Oracle, Postgresql, Informix, Access, DB2) is constantly the target of change and alteration; and the flow of information never ceases. It is almost impossible to track down such a quick process and consequently the possibility of errors increases. Configuring Ozeki's gateway software to provide SMS services for your database overcomes this inevitable consequence. You can set the gateway software to send SMS about the changes and affixes of your database. By this manner you or the system administrators are well informed and can easily correct any mistakes occurred in the process. Also the software can be configured to notify your employees as well about the changes, or the need of changes or even the unnecessity of changes. In addition to this the messages can be stored within the database creating an event-log like service. This allows you to track retroactively the changes, notifications and even replies.


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers an integrated application to help your database become more organized and accurate. With adding SMS functionality to it, it helps manage any data, any place, any time. Such a feature ensures great mobility as information is always accessible and changeable through a mobile phone. Consequently Ozeki's application reduces communication time with the database which provides important information and ease of use. The software's next generation technology assures the highest level of security, reliability and scalability for business critical databases.

Nonetheless information received in time is invaluable in business life. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway delivers and makes intelligence constantly available for your employees therefore delays and problems derived from information lag are completely overcame. This instant access of data consequently has beneficial effects on your company as it eases business procedures, providing a well-informed environment for your employees and for you.


To sum the above mentioned up Ozeki NG SMS Gateway provides an application to send/receive SMS from your database. It creates a well-informed working environment and a transparent, easy to use database is provided by it. It eventually helps reduce pressure caused by information lag with constantly keeping you and your employees up-to-date. Its groundbreaking technology ensures the stability and security of this system and its high performance enables to utilize it in every working environment. In conclusion Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is essential to maintain a perfectly working database and to keep your company accurately informed in time.

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