Send and receive SMS from websites

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be configured to enable you to send and receive SMS messages from and to a website. Using HTTP API your PC can deliver SMS messages for your ease and convenience. This article gives you detailed information on this solution.

Fields of application

Today there is an urgent need to be up-to-date and effective in business life. To achieve these requirements one needs to use modern and developed technology. Ozeki offers such technology to send and receive SMS messages from and to websites to and from your mobile phone. This solution helps to be well-informed and competitive in business life as SMS messagaging is the simplest but still the most effective way of fast communication and cell phones are essential parts of our lives. The interface of Ozeki NG HTTP API enables to send SMS from your web browser. In this way you can improve communication flow within and outside the company, improve customer services and provide a 24/7 SMS notification service. Ozeki's application therefore eases information flow, IT pressure and eventually makes your company's everyday business life easier.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms from website
Figure 1 - Solution for how to send SMS from a website

This solution provides you competitiveness in business world as it attracts more customers. By ensuring high quality communication technology you can satisfy the needs of your customers more efficiently. For example you can provide them free SMS service on your website about important dates, promotions, but you are also able to send them marketing news and letters in SMS messages while you can get their messages immediately. In case of problems a message received in time can prevent several further harms originated from delayed or not received messages. This mistake cannot happen because Ozeki NG SMS Gateway tracks down the SMS from the sender to the addressee and informs you about the status of the message. In other words you are always aware of whether your message has been delivered or not. This solution is able to apply the following programming languages among others: HTML, Javascript, PHP, ASP, JSP, Perl, Tcl/Tk, Python, Ajax, Java S, Vb.NET, etc. You also can use the benefits of SMS sending within your company to ensure fast, secure and efficient information exchange.


Benefits can be noticed immediately with the use of this solution. Adding this extra service to your website it attracts new customers and ensures extra- and intra-company information change. With Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will be able to provide a high quality SMS service as it was developed with next generation technology and was designed to work under the greatest performance demands. Such service leaves its mark on the company's business productivity. By making your communication flow more direct your employees can receive important information sooner which enables them to react faster and more accurately. Such ability is essential in a well organized company to provide professional service for its customers. On the other hand providing your website with SMS functionality you can win new customers and form tighter bonds with existing ones. As they are well informed about the development of your company their satisfaction can be highly increased.


In conclusion this solution offers you a well-functioning, stable and reliable system at the highest quality. In business life these properties are inevitable in order to be effective. You can not only reduce response time but operational costs, as well, which will surely be valued by customers. Thus Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is an essential part of such an enterprise because it helps your company with its quality to prosper and become more successful.

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