Send and receive SMS using e-mail

E-mail is considered to be the most widespread message sending method on the Internet. Despite of its popularity it has its disadvantages regarding its availability. E-mail messages can only be accessed through the internet therefore if there is no network connection important messages cannot be received or even delivered. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers an application which adds SMS functionality to an e-mail service. In this overview you can learn about this application alongside with its benefits and fields of application.

Fields of applications

To send reports in e-mails is a common and sometimes required method at companies. Case studies, notifications, recommendations, inquires are delivered through the internet to the intended recipients. However if any technical problem occurs in the system e-mail messages cease to function. The flow of information stops which results in loss of connection between departments. If such an event occurs the possibility of business procedure stoppage highly increases which can result in serious productivity and efficiency lost. If your company uses such a method for keeping the departments and employees in contact you should consider to add SMS functionality to it with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software.

Ozeki's application adds SMS functionality to your e-mail system which provides 24/7 direct connection with the intended individual. It is a two way system designed to suit even the most performance demanding company needs, which allows -besides sending- receiving SMS as well. Ozeki's software can be configured to forward e-mail messages, sent to your address for example in SMS. In practice it means that it converts e-mails to SMS messages. This allows you to have a 360° view of your correspondence and makes you available for intended contacts. By this manner important and even life-savior messages can be read immediately even if you are not in your office. For example if one of your business partners requires for an immediate price offer, or product support you are immediately informed about it. This functionality grants a business advantage of being available all the time which is hard to make rings around it by your competitors.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms using e-mail
Figure 1 - Send sms using e-mail

Furthermore, as it has been previously mentioned, it is a two-way system as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can translate SMS into e-mail and can send it to the given e-mail address. Therefore you are not only able to read important messages but also you can immediately react to them using your cellphone. In an instant SMS you can reply to the most urgent problems or enquiries and thus have full control over your company even when your are not on site. The application therefore grants you 360° view, availability and full control over your company which eventually makes you unique among your competitors. In Figure 1 you can examine this solution. It uses protocols to transmit messages (POP3, or IMAP protocols for incoming, SMTP protocol for outgoing messages).


The application provides priceless benefits for a company leader. Because of its two-way nature its profit is also two ways. When you have the necessary information even when not in the office it can grant you inimitable advantages. Being well-informed has always had a significant role in business efficiency and Ozeki's application can provide you such a pull. Also you can receive reports, alerts or notifications as well thus you can constantly have a full picture of your company. In this way you are eventually able to save time, resources and money.

The other advantage of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is that you can immediately react to priority e-mails received in SMS. By this manner serious problems, demanding questions and urgent inquiries can be solved immediately. Being available as a company leader is a priceless advantage and Ozeki developed this application to make such a feature possible. This software grants you benefits with which other companies cannot compete and can earn you business creditability and reliability.


An efficient company leader is always well-informed and have the potential to immediately solve problems. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software is essential to provide such principles; with its application you can greatly increase your availability and can cut off long response time which eventually saves resources for the benefit of your company. Based on its next generation technology this software can live up to the highest performance demands and can work continuously under great pressure as well. If you are seeking for such features Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the perfect choice for you as it provides all the above described advantages.

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