Send/receive SMS from your workflow management system

Workflow management systems are designed to make business processes faster and simpler with their well-organized structures for handling multi-layered dealings in organizations. They are effective in saving time and money but you can increase your efficiency by using Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to add SMS functionality to your workflow management system. In this overview you will find more information about this automation solution and about its benefits.

Fields of applications

Workflow management software products are substantial tools of business processes because they make it possible to avoid unnecessary steps with keeping the employees constantly informed about their responsibilities as there are pre-determined task chains to be followed. These systems are entirely automated today thus the workflow of a company can be quick and effective. Managers can always be well-informed about the situation in the office. This information flow can be more rapid and more efficient by sending generated reports as SMS text messages from your workflow management software to a given mobile phone or even phones at the same time.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms in your workflow management system
Figure 1 - Solution for how to send SMS in your workflow management system

With this solution you can improve the excellent features of your workflow management; such as system, production and employee supervision, or customer service improvement by involving customers into the process of production. It further augments your company's workflow by defining the exact responsibility of each employee. This eventually enables your company to be more flexible and makes it more attractive to customers and business partners. These are the obvious benefits of using a workflow manager. Now see how you can develop its properties by adding SMS functionality to it. Sending SMS from your PC to your or a given mobile phone helps increasing the efficiency of your business dealings. You do not even need to be in the office to supervise your company. You can be informed about all the events happened in the office by receiving an SMS. In this way you can check the workflow of the system and also the performance of the employees. If the task chain is broken your management software can detect it and Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can send a message about this report. Thus your workflow becomes more flexible as you and your colleagues are always available even when not in the office.

If you would like to improve your IT services the best solution for you is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Thanks to its high adaptability it can be configured to send or receive SMS from any workflow management environment.


As a manager or an administrator it is your responsibility to prevent damage and harms in your IT system. With the use of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to send SMS messages from your PC to a phone you can forego several problems as you are able to react and intervene. You can immediately do the necessary steps if the work chain is broken, you can prevent system breakdowns by constantly being informed about the stages of the process. This solution makes project tracking possible. So you can also control the dealings of your company and even of your plants and subsidiaries from your mobile phone. With this solution you always be available and can improve customer services.

You can send and receive SMS messages in several cases such as, you can inform your customers about promotions, new products or services, you can send newsletters, reminders or notifications furthermore, within your company you can inform your employees about important deadlines, meetings, dates, events and tasks. Make your business processes more effective and well-organized in a time and cost effective way.


In conclusion, the implementation of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to add SMS functionality to your workflow management system, will result in a well-working, stable and reliable system. In this way you will be able to increase your business profits and productivity. You will also gain total control over your workflow processes by being up-to-date and well informed therefore you can make the necessary decisions in time. With a modern, well-organized technology you will make your business more attractive to customers and business partners.

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