Send and receive SMS from your CRM system

CRM (Costumer Relationship Management) software are built and utilized for tracking and organizing a company's contacts with current or prospective costumers. These programs allow the company's contact information to be documented and stored for improved service for its costumers. Ozeki presents an application which introduces SMS sending and receiving possibility to any CRM software. In this overview you can learn about how you can improve your business efficiency with integrating Ozeki NG SMS Gateway into your CRM system.

Fields of applications

In a company which owns a diverse customer base tracking and following the information about customers and partners can be resource exhausting. A CRM software offers a solution for such a problem by providing a tool to unify the company's costumer interaction. It organizes the various information by means of policies and rules creating a transparent environment for following and tracking costumer information. A CRM software can use technology to attract new costumers and form tighter bounds with existing ones. Therefore they create a costumer centric way of doing business as they provide individual solutions.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms in your cmr system
Figure 1 - Solution for how to send SMS in your CRM system

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is an application to further widen their fields of application as it enables to send SMS from any CRM software to mobile devices. Its high compatibility enables you to further increase your business efficiency. By adding SMS functionality to your customer information tracking tool you open up additional doors for providing a more customer-centric business attitude. What your CRM software documents about your costumers and what business offers, solutions or personalized assessments are created based upon those information can be sent in SMS directly to the costumer. This enables the possibility of personalized front office operation which eventually ensures the way for more effective and accurate direct marketing. Your company's relationships with current and future costumers along with your business partners therefore become more specified and efficient. Essential information which can solve business problems, further tighten business relationships or attract new costumers can be sent in a brief, fast and accurate SMS message.


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway application on the basis of the above mentioned provides your company benefits which ensures business accuracy and efficiency. Implementing an SMS service to your CRM software eases the flow of information between the company's departments, your costumers and between your business partners. The sending of essential information to your colleagues creates a secure well-informed working environment which prevents problems or stoppage of work caused by misinformation. Therefore they will be able to react to the costumer's requests or the business partners inquire in a shorter period of time and with more accurate information. This feature automates back office business processes and ensures a better, faster and more stuff productivity.

Eventually back office operations determines the quality of the front office as well. Therefore adding SMS functionality to your front office management as well even further stretches your business productivity. Implementing SMS to sales and marketing procedures with personalized business offers for existing costumers, ensures successful business operations and effects in costumer satisfaction. In addition to that prosperous costumers can be easily attracted to your company by offering the convenient business packages based on the information stored in your CRM software. These offers can be sent to these future costumers which ensures quick, safe and accurate information flow and results in a successful direct marketing strategy.


All in all Ozeki's application offers the ability to provide your costumers and employees the right information in the right time. This unique benefit ensures a 360 company, business partner and customer view which results in a more professional way of doing business and creating a prosperous costumer base. Therefore Ozeki's application to your CRM software is essential to cultivate its performance and to further improve your company's performance and eventually its reputation.

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