Send and receive SMS from your helpdesk software

Helpdesk software products are information and assistance resource programs intended to troubleshoot problems and provide support for IT related or similar product issues. In this overview you can learn about how you can further augment your helpdesk service with adding SMS functionality to it. To achieve this SMS function you need a stable SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is a software product that can be installed on your computer. It forwards SMS messages to the mobile network with a GSM modem attached to the PC with a data cable or it connects to the SMS center of the mobile service provider via Internet.

Fields of applications

IT helpdesk programs provide technical support and help on various computer issues and events by offering a direct connection between the end user and the support team via phones or e-mail. However nowadays helpdesk support has a wider range of use. Besides offering help to customers, helpdesk software products are capable of providing in-house support as well intended only for employees. If you are using a helpdesk software to provide technical answer for your colleagues you can further enhance your in-house service by adding SMS functionality provided by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.


Integration tools

solution for how to send sms in your helpdesk system
Figure 1 - Solution for how to send SMS in your helpdesk system

Via a helpdesk software an incident tracking network can be set up on every workstation. This system creates a Local Bug Tracker (LBT) aka ticket which finds and analyzes common problems. Every ticket has its unique identification number therefore the helpdesk ticketing program can determine which computer requested support. The ticket is forwarded to the helpdesk software which displays the problem to be solved for the support team. You can automate this procedure by creating an SMS service which forwards the reports directly to the managing team in an SMS message. Therefore reports will always be in time and time-consuming response can be avoided and the support can be provided sooner.

In addition to the above mentioned if your company has different support teams for different issues Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be configured to send SMS for the appropriate team. On basis of the ticket identification numbers the helpdesk software determines the nature of the problem and through the gateway software it forwards them to the right team in an SMS message. In this manner long waits for response can be reduced by a significant amount which further enhances in-house support efficiency.


A helpdesk software's crucial quality criterion is whether it is in daily connection with the end-users or company employees. Ozeki's SMS application provides this ability for your helpdesk software in both fields; within your company and within your costumer base.

Your costumer support can be automated by adding SMS functionality to it in a way that the support inquiries can be distributed immediately among support teams in text messages. In addition to that automatic replies can be configured for questions which are frequently asked thus redundant support can be avoided and resources can be turned towards more elaborate help providing. Such an efficient system earns reputation for your company and forms a professional name for your business. Consequently long waiting times can also be avoided and an immediate helpdesk service can be created. The benefits of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's application will result in the ease of your support system and your costumers' satisfaction. Thus such an application is well advised for establishing a flawlessly working helpdesk service.

However Ozeki's application also has benefits when implementing it into an in-house support system. In a larger helpdesk staff which consists of several support teams ticket queuing can be time and resource consuming. Adding SMS functionality this demanding procedure can be automated. The gateway software can be configured to send a notification SMS if a ticket needs specific supervision. Therefore the intended support team can immediately start working on the problem. With such a system elaborate support service can be simplified and long waiting times can be avoided within the company as well. A more efficient IT environment can be achieved by providing a system which always keeps the intended up-to-date.


To sum it up Ozeki NG SMS Gateway offers an application which can bring ease to your helpdesk service for your costumers and for your employees as well. With its superior performance and elaborate technology it can provide the simplicity and accuracy essential for a professional and well-functioning support service which is indispensable for a reliable company.

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