How to setup SMS system for two-factor authentication

Corporate IT infrastructure can be made safer and more reliable by introducing two-factor authentication. It handles passwords so only authenticated people will have access to critical information. Two-factor authentication refers to the process when the user needs to enter two secure information during login: a password and a one-time password (OTP). This one-time password can be sent via SMS. For sending OTP via SMS, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway needs to be setup. Check the configuration guides to introduce one of the solutions for OTP.

How to send SMS from Checkpoint Connectra
This article gives you detailed information on how to send SMS messages from Check Point Connectra. In the setup instruction part you will find step by step installation guide on how to configure this solution to be able to send SMS from your IT environment, and you can get further information about the prerequisites and benefits of this solution, as well.
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How to send SMS from Vacman Middleware
In this article you will gain detailed information on how you can add SMS functionality to Vacman Middleware. You can read about the benefits and fields of applications but there are further information about the implementation and requirements of this solution.
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One-Time Password example for PHP developers
PHP One-Time Password Example can be downloaded from this webpage. It includes the source code. It demonstrates how PHP developers can integrate OTP into their system effective with the use of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.
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How to send one-time passwords as SMS from Strong Authentication Server
Read this article to find out how to send one-time passwords as SMS messages from Strong Authentication Server with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to improve security. A detailed installation guide with video tutorials also will help you to setup this solution.
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How to send SMS from Vasco Identikey
This guide explains how to setup Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with Vasco Identikey to improve security of your corporate IT environment. Vasco Identikey includes Digipass which makes two-factor authentication possible. Follow the guide to setup your system easily and quickly.
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