How to send SMS from Helpdesk Softwares

For helpdesk software products, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway also provides provision to send SMS text messages. In this way, SMS messages can be sent for the support operator if there is a new support request or an update for support tickets. At the same time clients can also be updated regarding the status of their support tickets. This is a simple but effective solution for both sides. Check the configuration guides to start SMS messaging from your helpdesk system even today!

How to send SMS from SysAid Helpdesk
This integration offers a solution on how to send SMS from SysAid about the monitored IT infrastructure. This article provides an overview on the details of the integration, a step-by-step installation guide describes the configuration procedure and you can also read about the components and the benefits of the solution.
Send text message from SysAid
How to send SMS from Kayako
On this webpage you can learn how to send SMS messages from Kayako with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. There are hints for the proper integration and you can also watch the video tutorial to setup your system easily and quickly.
SMS sending from Kayako