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How to send SMS from System Monitoring applications

System or network monitoring applications are for monitoring the network for failures and irregularities. They check all aspects of servers, workstations, IP devices, applications, databases, infrastructure and more. Usually, they send an email notification, but now you can add SMS functionality to your system with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This way, all alerts and notifications will be sent via SMS, as well. Below you can find the configuration guides:

This article explains how you can send SMS messages to mobile phones from Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007. The article gives you an overview on how to setup this solution and it gives you examples on when it is a good idea to notify people on the mobile phone from SCOM 2007.

In this overview you can learn about how to send SMS from Microsoft Operations Manager 2005. Also a step-by-step configuration guide will explain the installation procedure, the components and the benefits of this enterprise software integration.

This solution enables HP Openview to send SMS about the reports generated on the observed IT environment. You can also find a detailed installation guide, and further information on how to configure the integration and on network connectivity.

Here you can read about the possibility to send SMS about the reports generated by WhatsUp Gold. A detailed overview provides the essential information to understand the installation procedure, the components of the system and to learn more about the benefits and possibilities of this integration.

In this article you can read about the major benefits of adding SMS functionality to IBM Tivoli. You also find the fields of applications part and a list of prerequisites that are needed to implement the solution. The setup instructions page will provide you further information on this solution and you will find a detailed installation guide with video tutorials.

On this website you can read detailed information on how you can setup an SMS system in your IT environment to send SMS notifications and SMS alerts from Big Brother. A step by step installation guide will also be provided with helpful video tutorials.

If you wish to learn more about how to send SMS alerts from BMC Performance Manager (BMC Patrol), please go to the following website. In the detailed article you will learn how to implement this solution and what its major requirements are. A useful system architecture diagram will included as well to demonstrate this effective solution.

The following article will provide you detailed information on how to send SMS notifications from CA Unicenter NSM. You can learn about the fields of application, the benefits and the major requirements of this solution. A helpful system architecture diagram will help you visualize this SMS system provided by Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

In the following article you will find detailed information on how to send SMS notifications from HP SIM with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. A detailed and easy-to-follow installation guide with video tutorials and setup screenshots also will be provided to help you build a stable SMS system.

Learn how you can send SMS notifications from Nagios with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. After you check the requirements of this solution you can start to build your own SMS system with the help of the detailed setup instructions and video tutorials provided in this article.

If you read this article you will find the main reasons why to implement SMS technology in your corporate IT system. You will also learn how to configure your modem and system to be able to send SMS messages from Zenoss with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

Much higher results can be easily achieved by introducing SMS functionality if you already use Active Directory. The configuration guide explains the steps to install the solution, and further information is provided about the parts of the system and the benefits of the solution, as well.

This article will explain how you can send SMS from Solarwinds Orion NPM. You will find helpful information on the benefits, fields of applications and requirements of this solution. In setup instructions page you can learn how to configure your system to be able to send SMS messages.

This guide explains in details how to send email-to-SMS alerts from GpsGate using the SMTP server of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. By following the instructions you can learn how to send email-to-SMS messages and how to select an event for sending email-to-SMS alerts to a selected user.

HP Network Node Manager can be configured to send notifications in cases when there are any changes in the IT network. Now this useful application can be further improved by adding SMS technology to it with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Read more...