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Developers can use our C# SMS API to send SMS from C#.Net. The C# SMS API comes with full source code

The ozeki PHP SMS gateway software can be used to send SMS from PHP and to receive SMS usig PHP on your website

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SMS service providers use our SMPP gateway solution, that offers a high performance SMPP server and SMPP client gateway with amazing routing capabilities
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How to send SMS using Ozeki NG SMS Gateway interfaces

In order to provide more flexible and seamless SMS solutions, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway also offers various interfaces. These interfaces make it possible to send SMS messages via HTTP, Email, SQL database and even from the command line. All of these solutions are for making SMS messaging easier and more efficient than ever. Below you can find the links of the respective interfaces.

For sending SMS easily, you can use the Ozeki NG HTTP SMS Interface. This interface can be used to send various message types. After you setup the system, you can send SMS with the use of a simple HTTP request that is entered to the web browser in which the message properties need to be specified. Read more...

In this article you can learn about how to send SMS with an e-mail. The general overview provides and introduction to the interface's principles and a general description provides information about the components and benefits of it. In addition a step-by-step configuration guide explains how to install an SMS service to an e-mail client.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway enables the user to send SMS from the command line tool. This article provides a general overview on this possibility. Also an installation guide and a description of its benefits is also provided apart from further information on this command line interface.

You can send SMS from your computer to a mobile phone with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's SQL interface. A general overview describes the interface's database use, its benefits and an installation guide is also provided on how to send SMS using an integrated database.

In the following article you will find detailed information on how to send SMS via RSS feeds with the help of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. A detailed installation guide with video tutorials and setup instructions also will be provided to help you build a stable SMS system.