SysAid is a complex helpdesk application that can be used to improve the communication within and outside of your company. By adding SMS functionality to your corporate IT system, you can further improve the features of SysAid. This functionality allows to send SMS notifications to mobile phones from SysAid. To achieve it, you need a stable SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. In this article you can read more about this solution.

For step by step instructions on this solution, please go to the following webpage: Installation guide on how to configure SysAid to be able to send SMS. ( Video tutorial included)

Fields of use

In a larger organization several events can occur involving IT malfunctions and questions. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with SysAid offers a solution to reduce the administrators' response time to the critical questions of employees or customers.

As SysAid involves help desk, monitoring, managing and reporting functions, it makes your IT environment safer, well-functioning and efficient. Ozeki's solution improves these excellent features of SysAid by adding SMS functionality to it, thus the users can send SMS messages not only to their computer but even to any mobile device. By way of example there can be events in the office, such as, the security programs do not operate, there is no internet connection, or other types of connection difficulties within the company, system errors, etc. With Ozeki NG SMS Gateway and SysAid, there is no need for long communication processes and the administrator becomes always available. Furthermore, SysAid monitors your system 24/7, which makes it possible to handle observed problems immediately by sending an SMS message with the generated reports. In addition to the above mentioned options, SysAid is able to forward the incoming questions to the competent supporter in an SMS.

Therefore this solution shortens the long process of information flow between the end users and the administrator, in this way catastrophes can be foregone and system breakdowns can be avoided by prevention.


Ozeki NG SMS Gateway solution for SysAid makes business life easier and faster as it provides a modern and developed communication technology. This solution improves communication between end users and administrators by creating an efficient help desk system to provide opportunities in demanding times, as fast as possible. Ozeki NG SMS Gateway increases the efficiency of SysAid by reducing response time in this manner preventing stoppage in the work flow. Therefore your company's production become more effective and eventually you save money by spending less on issues caused by long waiting times. Furthermore, Ozeki's software can be used for other kinds of services such as sending text messages about important dates, events to business partners, customers or employees, sending newsletters, and any kinds of information.

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Solution overview

Ozeki's solution for sending SMS from SysAid consists of three simple stages. First if a problem occurs in the system SysAid sends a report to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Then the gateway software translates it into a text message (SMS) and it is forwarded directly to the mobile user. This transition process is quick and reliable which makes IT maintenance more efficient. Figure 1 explains this process.

Figure 1 - SMS solution for SysAid with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

How to implement SysAid SMS solution

SysAid is a multitasking software which includes help desk, monitoring, managing, and reporting functions.

One of its services is to send a notification (e.g.:SMS) to the system administrator for instance when an event or an alarm occurs. You can configure your SysAid software to be able to send SMS with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway.

To send messages from SysAid, first you need to make this application operate, then set the properties of the notification messages. After you need to give the phone number of the recipient. Finally, to see that the system works you need to create a test alarm. Go to the Installation Guide for a detailed configuration guide.

Conclusion of SysAid SMS solution

In conclusion, Ozeki NG SMS Gateway's solution for SysAid allows your IT environment management program to send SMS directly to a mobile user. In addition to that you can manage and control your IT environment, and keep contact with the competent people from your mobile phone while you save time and money. With this solution you will gain a stable and reliable system with the highest performance.

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