This webpage provides a useful solution for those who employs Microsoft Office SharePoint server to improve workflow. This solution makes it possible to extend the functions of SharePoint to satisfy the needs of the IT staff, the managers, and the employees. The solution is based on Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that allows to send SMS from MS SharePoint. Learn more about this solution and start to setup your SMS system now.

Configuration steps:
Tutorial on Sharepoint SMS sending ( Video tutorial included)

Why to introduce SMS messaging

In corporations employing thousands of people it can be difficult to create a well-functioning workflow management system though these systems are inevitable in a successful company. SharePoint handles several events of workflow and documentation management but difficulties such as getting new information on time, availability, effective information exchange can still cause stoppages in the workflow.

The solution is sending SMS messages from your system to mobile devices of the intended people. With SMS functionality employees can be informed about their exact tasks in time improving communication flow between different departments without delays. You will be able to supervise your system, employees or production steps as there is a possibility to store the messages.

Thus Ozeki's solution enables quick and reliable information exchange within your company that eventually creates a productive and effective company atmosphere. This article gives you further information on how to send SMS from SharePoint to mobile phones using a web form with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software.

Instant benefits of text messaging with SharePoint

The benefits of adding SMS functionality to SharePoint can immediately be enjoyed. You can get a stable and well-organized workflow and documentation management system for controlling your corporation even from the distance and you can also supervise the work process of your plants or subsidiaries as they are constantly available. You can keep all the important tasks, steps or productions under your vision by continuously being informed about them. With this solution you will get a reliable, time and money saving system to help you become successful and marketable.

Ozeki SMS Gateway can be obtained by
opening the download page:
Download Ozeki SMS Gateway!

How sending SMS from SharePoint works

Once you setup Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with MS SharePoint, the system will work as follows: You just need to compose your SMS text message and choose the recipients from the SMS contact list. Then you can send your message to one or more addresses. SharePoint server forwards it to Ozeki NG SMS Gateway which reads the message and then transmits it to the given recipients (Figure 1).

Figure 1 - Texting from Sharepoint with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

Steps for integration

SharePoint is a workflow and documentation manager software that helps organize your company's work process in a professional way. However, you can increase the efficiency of your system with SMS technology.

To send SMS from SharePoint you need to configure Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software to provide the necessary SMS functionality. First, download the SMS gateway from the download site and import it into your SharePoint software. As soon as the importation is completed you can start composing and sending SMS text messages. For further information please visit the Installation guide >>>

Conclusion for SharePoint SMS

Integrating Microsoft Office SharePoint with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway is the best way to improve workflow management in your company. The SMS functionality furthermore makes your business more up-to-date and consequently more attractive to customers. Future and existing customers can be continuously in touch with your company thus their support needs are satisfied. In addition your employees can work more accurately as they are aware of their exact responsibilities. With the configuration of this solution you will get a reliable and stable system which makes it possible to be effective and competitive while you save time and money by organizing work processes in a well-structured manner.

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