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Configure notification SMS in MS Exchange 2013/2016

Send SMS from MS Exchange 2013/2016! To be able to send/receive SMS messages you need to install an SMS gateway such as Ozeki NG SMS Gateway that is a software product and can be installed on your computer. After you adopted this solution, corporate communication will be more effective and sending SMS messages will be available for all the staff. This article provides you further details on this solution.

Utilization of SMS technology in MS Exchange 2013/2016

SMS technology offers endless benefits to your corporate communication. By implementing SMS messaging you can gain competitive advantage on the market. SMS solutions allow to send text messages from your computer to mobile phones and receive response messages from mobile phones to the PC. In this way, all the important corporate communication processes can be sped up with SMS messaging.

To achieve this function you can introduce an SMS gateway to MS Exchange 2013/2016. Therefore, you will be able to forward your incoming email messages as SMS messages; and you can also receive response messages from mobile phones to your mail box on the computer due to the two-way nature of SMS messaging. So you can use your existing mailbox to text messaging that allows a convenient and efficient communication.

Such a powerful SMS gateway software is Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. This software ensures that you will be able to connect to the mobile network to transmit SMS messages. This connection can be made with a GSM modem attached to the computer or over the Internet. Due to its Email-to-SMS function, you can easily introduce the above mentioned SMS solutions in your corporate IT system. Implementing this solution will ensure you more satisfied customers and business partners as you can provide them SMS services at the highest level. Read this article to learn how to configure this solution in your corporate IT network.

Advantages of implementing SMS messaging into MS Exchange 2013/2016

  • Time and cost efficient
  • Ensures availability
  • Bi-directional (allows two-way messaging)
  • Improves corporate communication and efficiency by reducing response time
  • Email-to-SMS function is available
  • Helps keep contact with customers and partners in a discreet but effective way
  • Provides competitiveness on the market
  • Satisfies customers by ensuring availability
  • Improves public relations by its fast nature

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
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How it works

Figure 1 demonstrates how your system will work after setup:

As the first step, you need to enter the IP address of the PC Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been installed on, into MS Exchange 2013/2016. This way, when there is an incoming email message for a specific user, the MS Exchange 2013/2016 forwards this message to the built-in SMTP server of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Once the SMS gateway processes the message, it sends the SMS text to the given mobile phone.

On the other hand, you can also configure your system for receiving SMS messages from mobile phones to the corporate IT system. In this case, the Ozeki gateway connects to the SMTP server of MS Exchange and sends incoming text messages as e-mail messages to the corporate email box of a user.

SMS messages are sent to the mobile network with a GSM phone or GSM modem attached to the computer with a cable, or over the Internet with IP SMS connection.

Figure 1 - SMS sending in MS Exchange 2013/2016 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

How to configure MS Exchange 2013/2016 SMS solution

In order to start SMS messaging ASAP, please follow the steps of this guide.

First log into Ozeki NG SMS Gateway with your username and password, and click on "Server Preferences" in "Edit" menu (Figure 2).

Figure 2 - Edit server preferences

Click on "E-mail forwarding" tab, enable the built-in SMTP server and specify the FQDN of the service (Figure 3).

Figure 3 - Enable built-in SMTP server

Start "Exchange admin center". Click "Recipient" menu and select "Mailboxes" menu item, finally select "New Mailbox" option (Figure 4).

Figure 4 - Create a new mailbox

In the pop up window select "New User" option, enter the user name and the account information on the form to create a user and click on "Save" (Figure 5).

Figure 5 - Create user mailbox

Next click on "Contacts" menu and select New Mail contact. (Figure 6).

Figure 6 - New Mail contact

Then enter the contact name and information on the form to create a new contact. Enter the external E-mail address in the following way: phonenumber@address_space and click on "Save" (Figure 7).

Figure 7 - New Mail contact

Then click on "Mail Flow" menu. Select "Send Connector" menu item finally select "New Send Connector" option (Figure 8).

Figure 8 - New Send Connector

Provide a name for the Send Connector. In our example it is "Ozeki SMS Send Connector". Click on "Next" (Figure 9).

Figure 9 - Provide a name for the Send Connector

Next select "Route mail through the following smart hosts" menu item and click on "Add". In the pop up window provide the IP address of the computer on which Ozeki NG SMS Gateway has been installed and click on "OK (Figure 10).

Figure 10 - Add a smart host

By default Ozeki NG SMS Gateway does not require authentication so set authentication settings to "none" and click on "Next" (Figure 11).

Figure 11 - Authentication settings for the smarthost

Now specify an address space for this connector. Click on "Add" and in the pop up window provide the protocol in the "Type" line and the address space in the "Full Qualified Domain Name" line. In our example the address is "smsgw.ozeking.lan". Click on "Save" (Figure 12).

Figure 12 - Type address space

Then select server for the send connector. Click on "Add" and in the pop up window select the Exchange server (Figure 13).

Figure 13 - Select server

Now click on "Rules" tab and select "New Rule" option (Figure 14).

Figure 14 - Create new rule

Provide a name for the rule (e.g."Ozeki SMS Rule") and check "The recipient is..." condition and click on "Select people..." link (Figure 15).

Figure 15 - Rule name

In the appeared window select user and click on "Add" (Figure 16).

Figure 16 - Add a recipient

Next, you need to select an action for the rule. Select "Bcc the message to..." option from the list and click on "Select people..." link (Figure 17).

Figure 17 - Select action

In the appeared window select the created Contact and click on "Add" (Figure 18).

Figure 18 - Add the created Contact

Finally click "Save" (Figure 19).

Figure 19 - Save the Rule

To test the system start Outlook Web App with the Admin's profile and create a new email, click on "New E-mail". The recipient will be "User", after I composed the message I click on "Send"(Figure 20).

Figure 20 - Create new email

If you take a look at Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you can see the sent message (Figure 21).

Figure 21 - Sent message from Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

To use SMS-to-Email function, you need to add a new user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. Click on "Add new user or application" menu item (Figure 22).

Figure 22 - Add a new user

Select "Email" user and click on "Install" next to it (Figure 23).

Figure 23 - Install an email user

Provide a name for the user (e.g. "Exchange2013") and click on "OK" (Figure 24).

Figure 24 - Provide a name for the user

Now enable SMS to Email forwarding and enter the email address of the sender and the IP address of MS Exchange 2013/2016. Then click on "Recipient" tab (Figure 25).

Figure 25 - Provide sender's email address and SMTP server address

Now provide the email address of the recipient and click on "SMTP authentication" tab (Figure 26).

Figure 26 - Provide a recipient

Check "My SMTP server requires authentication" option and provide SMTP username and password (Figure 27).

Figure 27 - SMTP authentication settings

From this time, if there is an incoming SMS message for the user in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway, the software will forward it as an email message to the user (Figure 28).

Figure 28 - Sent email from Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

If I enter Outlook, it can be seen that the SMS message has been forwarded as an email message (Figure 29).

Figure 29 - Received email

Conclusion for MS Exchange 2013/2016 SMS solution

MS Exchange 2013/2016 with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway provides a competitive and high quality solution for your company. Corporate messaging will be easy and available for everyone. Therefore, you can pay attention to important business matters as corporate communication will be seamless. Furthermore, this solution helps improve public relations and attracts more customers with its next generation technology. If you decide to implement Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will get SMS services at the highest quality while you can still save valuable time and money.

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