What is the best way to send SMS in Windows mail clients

It is possible to realize a two-way E-mail-SMS gateway service in your corporate IT system. It means that you can forward an incoming e-mail as an SMS text message, and an incoming SMS as an e-mail message. To achieve this function you need to connect your IT system to the mobile network with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway software. In this article you will find detailed information on this solution and step by step installation guides also will be provided with video tutorials.

Configuration guides:

Overview of Email client solution

After following these configuration guides, your SMS system will operate as follows: First you need to specify the address of the recipient in your mail client. Your composed e-mail message then will be forwarded via SMTP to the SMTP server of Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. The gateway will process it and send an SMS message with the subject and the body of your e-mail up to 160 characters.

It is also possible to receive SMS from mobile phones to your mail client. In this case the text message is received in the admin's inbox in Ozeki NG SMS Gateway. With its built-in POP3 server, the SMS gateway will forward this text message to your mail client. The body of the SMS message will received as an e-mail message. This process can be examined in Figure 1.

sms mail clients system architecture diagram
Figure 1 - SMS messaging in Windows mail clients with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway

How to benefit from text messaging

Effective communication is an essential part of business strategy in companies. To keep in touch with employees, customers and business partners is very important. So if you want to be competitive you need a well-working and stable communication system. You need to avoid cases of delivery delays, mis-sent e-mails, failed delivery because of there is no Internet connection in the office, etc. If you use a mail client to send and receive your corporate messages, now you can make it more reliable and effective.

The solution is if you add SMS functionality to your IT system with a powerful SMS gateway software. This software makes it possible to send and receive SMS messages in your IT environment. In this way you can add SMS extension to your mail client (Outlook Express or Windows Mail) to be more effective.

This solution allows a two-way E-mail-SMS gateway service in your system. In practice it works as follows: your colleagues or employees compose a message as an e-mail in their Windows mail client (Outlook Express or Windows Mail). They send their message to mobile phones. The recipients will receive this message as an SMS text message on their phone. This process works in the other direction, as well. A text message that is composed on a mobile phone can be sent to the corporate computer and it will be received as an e-mail message in the mail client.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway makes e-mail to SMS and SMS to e-mail conversion possible. It can be implemented in your corporate communication system. After you setup this solution you can launch useful services with it. You will be able to send your e-mail to a mobile phone or even to multiple phone numbers. It will be also possible to send your message to computers as e-mail message and to mobile phones as SMS text message at the same time.

Ozeki NG SMS Gateway can be obtained by
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How to realize this solution

To send and receive SMS messages from your mail client (Outlook Express or Windows Mail) you need to do the follows: First you need to enter Ozeki NG SMS Gateway to enable its built-in POP3 and SMTP servers to be able to connect to your mail client. Then you need to start your mail client and provide the necessary information in "Internet Connection Wizard". Finally you can start to send messages.

Instant benefits of sending SMS from Email clients

E-mail-SMS gateway service makes immediate communication possible between colleagues working in your company and people out of the office. In this way you can send your e-mail as an SMS to anyone (employees, partners, customers) equipped with mobile phones. It is sure that they will get your important messages even if they are on the move. Moreover due to delivery reports you will always be informed about the status of your messages. Important matters can be immediately discussed or problems can be solved as you can send your message to the phone of the intended people, who can send you an answer immediately from his phone. As you can implement this solution without any further application, and your employees can use their existing mail clients they do not need to learn any new solutions. In this way you can save time and money while your communication becomes more effective.

Conclusion for Email client SMS solution

Implementing Ozeki NG SMS Gateway into your corporate communication system to improve communication and effectiveness is one of the best solutions. With this solution you can make it easier for your employees to contact you while you are on the move. You can also have your important incoming e-mail messages forwarded to your mobile phone. With the help of SMS functionality you can also keep in touch with employees, customers, or business partners. If you decide to setup an SMS system with Ozeki NG SMS Gateway you will gain a stable, well-functioning and effective system on the highest quality.

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